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Phantom Furry: Unveiling the Enigmatic Force of Speed and Vision

Jace Coleman @coleman_jace20  ,5'7 , 150 c/o 27 from Mingo Central High School, WV is a powerful young back with an elusive skillset and can explode through the gaps with the speed to take it to the house.Even in small, tight windows this gem sees that opening and breaks right through in a flash.  With the ability to read the defense he uses his size and speed as a downhill back hard to handle. Jace has an intense work ethic  , pushing himself to be better  and better every single day. His coach sings his praise that no one has to tell Jace to go workout or eat right, he just does.  Kid is focused and determined to be among the best every time he takes the field ready to challenge anyone between him and pay dirt. He is a leader that not only wants to be better but rises to the role of making his teammates better.

As a starter for JV Jace  had 65 carries for 625 yards and 10 TDs. And as a true freshman 15 carries for 100 yards with the varsity in very limited playing time. That experience, though it was limited,  will pay off big time next season.The biggest improvement for Jace was getting stronger , bulking up by living in the weightroom during the off season. 

It's already a proven fact that Jace is bringing 110% every single play and even in practice  he won't allow anyone to outwork him. Jace is a positive influence on and off the field, a coach's dream.And that work ethic is exactly what sets him apart . Jace hates to lose more than anything,and wants the ball in his hands when the game is on the line. Jace's mindset is he never wants to feel like he let his brothers down on the field one second. So that passion makes him hate to lose more than anyone out there. Jace would love to play D1 but will be thankful to just play college football while getting a great education. Coach Jones already said Jase will get a lot of playing time this coming season and is so proud of how hard he works and sees nothing less than D1 because of all he brings and his dedication to the game.Coach's words are many say they want to be D1 but Jace puts in the work to be D1 and it translates on the field. The focus and mindset of a D1 talent is clear to coach Jones. A rich tradition and academics are what make a school stand out to Jace.Jace's love for game makes him want to play for a program that knows how to win , but at the end of the day,Jase is locked in on academics knowing at some point he will need something else to lean on knowing there will be life down the road at some point beyond football. Jace's advice to those coming behind him is to work hard and be there every day ready to listen and absorb everything the coach tries to teach you even if you don't understand it right then, it will all  come in time.. And finally says if you do your part, its always team over stats and glory unless that glory comes with the team.


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