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Penality-Proof Powerhouse: The Defensive Dynmo with Linebacker Power and Safety Speed

Brock Roberts @brocktonroberts , 5'10, 170, from Edmonton, OK c/o 27 is a defensive gem who constantly finds his way into thr backfield causing all sorts of chaos. Brock has the knick power of a linebacker but the speed of a safety. Brock has mastered the art of beating lineman and chasing down running backs and receivers ending the route immediately. Brockbis tough and gritty with an extremely high IQ and sres the whole field and disects plaus quickly for big stops. That quick first step leaves offensive linemen helpless before him always throws the first punch at the point of attack.

In 241 snaps Brock recorded 40 tackles (21 solo and 19 assisted). 14 tackles for a loss, 4.5 sacks, 10 QB hurries and 10 QB knockdowns.knockdown. 4 pass breakups, 1 fumble recover and get this 0 penalties! That's production at its finest. Brocks biggest improvement is reading offensive plays and anticipation speed. Coach can always count on Brock to give 110% without penalties. Brock always plays disciplined football and executes his assignments to perfection. The number's don't lie. Brock has the tenacious ability to attack yet know when to pull-up as not to hurt his team.

Schools that appeal to Brock have high academic support and coaches that focus on eccellet defensive play and knows how to develop their athlete as players and people. Brock is a D1 talent and will be looking for the best fit for his skill set. But Brock is open to any level.

Brocks advice to those coming behind him is learn everything about tour role. Becoming a master at tour position knowing exactly what to do. Don't try doing everyone else's job but stay in your own lane and success will come to you. Work hard on the field, in the gym and the classroom.


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