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Mr. Fundamental with a Scoring Swagger

Sam Fox @sammie2nice ,  Instagram- ygsammy4 , 6'4 , 185 , c/o 26 from Spain Park High Scholl, AL is a three point sniper with a smooth touch. But is crafty and creative off the bounce getting into the lane for quick pull-ups. Sam has a nack for finding holes to get those shots off and with his size easily elevates over defenders . And Sam can finish strong at the rim as well. Sam has worked really hard to be an efficient three level scorer and is determined to get even better.His passion is to be creative as possible for himself and his teammates to get to make game winning plays. Sam also uses that size to mix it up on the boards effectively.  Sam is a solid defender but wants to be great at it.

Last season Same averaged 13 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists while battling  through a foot injury half the season. Playing for OFW Galaxy this AAU session Sam has made his goal to better himself as an overall player and teammate by putting in the work and having good habits on both sides of the ball while continuing to grow as a leader on and off the court. Sam will focus on adding more strength training, ball handling and learning to rest and recover. Sam's goals for the upcomingg season are to be a standout player and a better leader who will motivate his teammates to play to the best of their abiliy while being positive and consistant proving he is a trustworthy player on the cort that can lead his team to more wins. The most motivating thing was while he battled through that injury that made him sit for a few weeks , Sam relized how important the game of basketball is to him and his .love for the game grew substantially. and has made it his mission to become the best basketball playerhe can be.. This was a strong lesson on how to deal with adversity. It is clear to Sam that things happen on the court and he just needs to stay calm and focus on the next play and let go of the setback. 

What fuels Sam  is firstly, his momand his sibblings as he has purposed he wants to be his best for them . As the oldest of 5 , his example matters most. Second his intense passion for the game fuels him through a win or a loss , competing at the game he loves so much is the driving factor every moment he is out there. The understanding of fundaments of basketball sets Sam apart along with his hard work, intense passion for the game  and his mental toughness to battle through adversity. Its Sam's dream  and goal to play at the highest level he can and just wants one opprotunity to play after high school with that one coach that will believe in him , no matter the level , just that one open door to prove not only does he belong but that he can thrive and excel on that level too. Already Sam recently had an AAU session where he averaged 26 points a game for three games. Certaily a gem to keep an eye on .


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