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Mr. Clutch: Quick as Lightning

Tyson Heard

Twitter: TysonHeard12

Instagram: TysonHeard126’2” 165lbs.

c/o  26

TACA Homeschool


Heard is an explosive player who is always in attack mode and ready to step up in the big moment.  He will take the smart shot, rather than force a poor shot. His greatest strengths are his high game IQ and his court vision. He can absolutely score, but he also knows how to set up shots for his teammates with solid passing. He is a nasty defender and he will snatch rebounds even against taller opponents.


This past season Tyson averaged 17 Points, 6 Assists, 5 Rebounds, and 3 Steals per game, earning himself a Top 40 overall player ranking in the state of Texas. As an 8th grader, Tyson was only 5’ and playing on the “B” team. People told him that he was too small to play basketball. Little did they know! Pun intended!


His goals going into this upcoming season are to average 20 points and 10 assists per game, get selected to the top 100 camp and become at least a 3 star ranked player. Also, he wants to focus on being even more of a leader without ever losing focus on the importance of grades. He just picked up his first D1 offer, and he is hopeful that more offers will soon follow. Currently, his AAU Team (Triumph UA Rise) is undefeated.


What fires Tyson up the most is when the other team is talking trash.  He said that really gets him going inside. He loves it when the game is a very physical one, and when the crowd is loud and fired up!Tyson said “When games get tough, a lot of players tend to blame the refs, but my team and I never do that. We are a family so if one of us is down, the others will always pick him right back up and vice versa.”  He said he used to get very nervous if he knew he was going to be competing against a 4 or 5 star ranked kid, but he told himself that they put their shoes on the same exact way that he does!


When asked what a coach can expect from him, he said “A hard working leader who lives in the gym and who is always not only pushing himself, but also his teammates to get better every day both on the court and in the classroom.  What sets him apart from everyone else is plain and simply his intense work ethic and how he carries himself. He is humble, yet confident, and he is never satisfied. He is always striving to get better.

He sees himself playing at one of the top D1 schools. The reason he feels this way is because of how hard he works everyday, as well as how competitive he is. My assessment is he will thrive in any D1 program he chooses to play for. He is highly skilled, possesses strong leadership skills, is competitive, and has a high game IQ. That is a magic and dangerous combination! The sky is truly the limit for this kid. The fire and tenacity he plays with is unmatched. If y’all ain’t seen him play yet, I promise you that he is worth the price of admission, and a whole lot more!


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