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✨️Mid-season Standout Player ✨️

Trey Thompson @treyyy_2k , 6'8 ,220, c/o 26 from Greenville High School is our Mid-Season Stand Player winner and well deserved this young stud has been impressive as his showcased his talent and dominated every one before him as a Sophomore which makes his season and award even more impressive. He is averaging 23 points, 10.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.7 blocks per game so far.

I asked Trey , You started the season a little undermanned with clear understanding you would carry a heavy load, What was knowing that like?

Answer: I honestly didn't feel much pressure at all. A huge part of basketball is mental, and i just let the game come to me.

Question: Even after the football players returned, you still have been playing like a man on a mission.  Describe your mindset when you step out on the court?

Answer: Having football teammates back definitely helps, but it still doesn't change what i do. I go out there with the mindset of let's win this ball game, does't matter who scores this or who did that it's about winning and growing as a team.

Question: What was the toughest challenge you have faced so far that prepared you for the level you're playing at?

Answer: Definitely playing in the Arbys Classic. We played some very good teams, and playing those teams only makes you strive harder as an individual and as a team to constantly get better every day.

Question: When facing changing defenses to slow you down, what goes through mind about needed adjustments?

Answer: Sometimes it can be hard to understand what defense they change to mid game from what they start off in, but if you're constantly in motion and moving to the open areas, you'll usually end up in a good spot for your team and for yourself as well.

Question: Knowing every game that you're going to have a target on your chest, does it motivate you to play harder and/or smarter?

Answer: Oh for sure it definitely makes me play harder and it also makes me want to win even more. I also feel that with me having a target on my chest, it also creates more space for my teammates to go and score the ball.

Question: What are your goals and expectations for the rest of the season? Can you continue to elevate your game to make a deep tournament run?

Answer: My goal is to get to state this year. I want our team to continue showing up every night and push each other to be our best. I'm confident I will only get better with more and more practice, and for the rest of our season, I want for us to continuously grow individually and bond as a team as well.

Question: Who was your toughest opponent this season, and why?

Answer: Our toughest opponent was hands down Kell High School. They challenged us everywhere with very strong bigs and super athletic guards. They shot the ball extremely well, too. Those games are great games to learn from. 

Question: How has playing AAU (travel ball) and attending camps in the summers helped you as a player? 

Answer: Playing the last 4 summers for TN Impact 3SSG, 865 Elite, Bigs Shots and going to team camps with Greeneville has given me great exposure playing against the best of the best. It has really helped me expand and grow friendships. It also has helped me develop better skills along the way.

 This kid had been at the top of my list for underclassmen since I got my first look at him down in Atlanta and not disappointed. His ceiling is high and he has been consistently getting better and better. Watching his growth and development as a player is incredible to behold. This kid right here is not only a D1 talent but could potentially hit superstar status before it's all said and done. With his size and skill Trey is among the best in the state already and in my opinion not many better as a sophomore in this country. Gotta keep a sharp eye on Trey moving forward.


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