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Master of the Mid-Range

Matthew DeGroff

X: @Matthew_degroff

IG: @DeGroff.Matthew

6’2” 190 c/o 25

Calvary Baptist Academy ,WV


DeGroff is a gritty, tough blue collar gem!  He never forces shots and shoots at a high percentage from the field. While giving him the “eye test” he would seem quite unorthodox, yet he is very effective. He undoubtedly possesses the ability to score from all three levels, while shooting from midrange exceptionally well. His greatest strength is being able to think on the fly and adapt to the game as it is going on. He loves rebounding and he makes the right read for assists.  Although he may not “look the part” he is a solid defender and gobbles up rebounds like candy. He has a high game IQ and very nice vision, which allows him to see the entire court, which then allows him to set up some slick passes.  


Last season, Matthew averaged 12 points,, 10 rebounds, 2.6 Assists , and 1 steal per game. Matthew’s main focus areas of improvement this summer, will be working on his lateral quickness as well as becoming more explosive, which he knows both will not only help his overall defense, but his consistency on the offensive side of the ball. Last season, his team was the first in the past five years to not win the State Championship, and they watched their cross-town rival  hoist the trophy.  That is something that doesn’t sit well with Matthew and he is going to do everything he can to ensure that never happens again. it.  He wants to leave his legacy at Calvary, and he feels this team can be special and finish what his class started when they won their Middle School State Championship together.


Playing AAU for WV Crossover 2025, Matthew's goals for this AAU season are to improve in all areas against great competition. He wants college coaches to take notice of him, and he knows that if he is playing for a team who is consistently winning, that will make things much easier on the recruiting trail. Matthew is the consummate teammate, and he always wants to do whatever he can to help his team win. 


When things aren’t going well during a game, he always makes sure he doesn’t ever allow himself to get inside his own head.  He simply will shrug it off, smile and continue his relentless grind.  What fuels Matthew's fire is simply his love and passion for the game. He feels playing the game is a gift, and he feels extremely lucky to be able to have the ability to be able to play the game that he loves so much. He is a fierce competitor who is driven by his mindset to win. Nothing makes him more happy than walking off the court after a win. He loves to train because he fully understands that his hard work will pay off during games. A coach can expect a fierce competitor who hates to lose and who is willing to do whatever it takes to get better, and help his team win.


He sees himself playing NAIA, D2, or D3 at the next level. I feel that any of these are a realistic possibility, considering how much work he is putting in. My assessment is he makes smart decisions and takes very good, smart shots. His energy and hustle can't be overlooked, and both tremendously impact his game. He has the size and strength and a fiery grit. He is coachable and he has a high ceiling. With his work ethic, and solid coaching, the right coach will polish this diamond in the rough into something truly special.  


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