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Master of the Court: Elite Efficency

Nash Schroeder @Nash_1508 , 6’2 ,170 ,c/o 2024, Pine View High School , UT is a dynamic stud that is crafty and fierce off the bounce. With his strong handles he gets to the spots he wants and really scores at will on all three levels. Nash can also be a catch and shoot 3 guy or a straight facilitator setting pace and handling the ball with pressure. Nash's greatest strength is his IQ. . Credits that to being around basketball all his life. Puts in the work on the boards and can drop some sweet dimes. Nash's dad was a D1 player , a high school coach, and now aD1 coach himself, so basketball is as natural as breathing and at a high level. But Nash is quite a defensive gem as well , a lockdown on ball defender and reads passing lanes pretty well too.

Last season Nash averaged 22 points while shooting(40.0 3PT%| 57.8 2PT%|81.3 FT%|), 5.7 rebounds, 3.4 assists, and 3.3 steals per game. Nash was the All- time leading scorer at Pine View high school 1156 points. The most motivating thing last year was knowing it’s his last high school basketball year to show everyone that he is one of the best in the state. The biggest challenge he faced this year was getting other teammates to care to win as much as he didIt has always been Nash's hopes and dreams to play DI basketball like his dad. Being around DI guys the past 4 years with his dad being a coach, knowing the skill it takes , knowing he has that , feels like skill wise he is at a high level . When adversity hits Nash never lets anyone see that it’s happening.  His body language stays the same and he tries to never let a turnover or a missed shot lead to another. Also to control what he can control.

Coaches can expect Nash to be the leader of the team on and off the court by example and his hustle with passion for the game and competitiveness. Nash feels like he is a good fit for a high level Juco or DII school or a DI but is definitely open to a lower level but where can play ,develop, and eventually find a home at a solid or high major DI.  His hopes are to get the chance to be a steal for a great DI program with great coaches and a great culture.


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