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Making a Statement: The Enforcer with an Incredible IQ

Rey Johnston, rey_johnston20, Instagram: rey_johnston20, 6'8, 230, c/o 25 from Loyola Sacred Heart High School, MT is a dynamic versatile athlete who is physical and long and punishes defenders at will. As a triple-threat scoring option with an array of crafty moves to get shots for himself but has an unselfish playstyle that creates great opportunities for others when he forces the defense to adjust to him. Rey is an incredible back-to-the-basket dominator with nice footwork and his wingspan helps him easily score over most defenders and force a double team where he can fuel his team with kickouts or hit the cutting man with precision passes. His ability to punish defenders with mid-range fadeaways or his efficient shooting from long range make it a match-up nightmare. Rey has nice handles and a quick first step and he loves attacking bigs trying to guard him outside. As a high IQ player, Ray's decision-making makes for a great facilitator from the block as he doesn't care about personal success but more about team success and getting wins. Rey knows when to drive and get rim pressure but is also a very good off-ball mover, whether that means cutting to get an open layup or moving around the perimeter to find an open three, and that goes with him finding ways to get his teammates buckets without the ball in his hand by setting off ball screens after a cut, or an on the ball so one of our guards can find a way to a finish at the rim or kick out for a three. Rey uses that size to his advantage mixing up on the boards very effectively too. Rey also sees his IQ on the defensive end to be in help defense and stunting at guys who are trying to iso and making them pass it, he is a good communicator and leader on the court and will always be talking on the defensive and offensive end. Don't test his swag on shot blocking either cause Rey has no issue with sweating shots right back in your face.

Last season Rey averaged 17.8 points, 8.4 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 2.0 steals, and 2.0 blocks while shooting 61.4 % from the field and, 38.1 % from three and led his team to an incredible 25-0 record and state championship that earned him that Gatorade Player of the Year award. The most motivating thing that happened for Rey this season was pushing for that second state championship of my high school career as they faced a lot of adversity and were put under a lot of pressure being ranked the number one team in Montana, but the team stuck together and got that state championship. They now have a 39-game win streak. That will push Rey forward knowing that they can make history in Montana by being one of only very few teams to three-peat. Also, they can have the longest win streak in Montana history if they maintain their dominance and go down as one of the best teams in Montana of all time. Playing for Select basketball, Ray's goals for AAU this year with it being my final AAU season is to maintain an undefeated record and win the Pro16 championship. He wants to get more offers at any level, but more specifically his dream is to play Division One basketball, so hopefully get some D1 offers and interest. Some areas he needs to improve in are his lateral quickness so I can improve his versatility on defense to guard 1-5, improving his handles so he can get by quicker defenders and handle ball pressure better, and improving his mental side of basketball while learning every bit of the game Ihe loves. Reys goals going into next season are to continue our dominance and to win that third state championship. Some other personal goals I have is to be Gatorade Player of the Year again and also MaxPreps Player of the Year again, and to maintain his A grade average in the classroom.

When facing adversity on the court or when things don’t go his way or his team's way. Rey tries to be a leader for his team, and not complain to refs or his coach, instead, he stays confident in himself and all the work he has put in while staying respectful on the court knowing that if he crumbles, that could lead to an embarrassing loss or an upset. Rey always works hard and knows basketball is a game of highs and lows and he never tries to get too high or too low during games, especially in the season because not everything is going to be perfect or terrible. Rey knows that if he pushes through the adversity and stays himself he will become a better player and a better person.

Coaches can expect Rey a coachable player who brings good energy and creates a good environment for everyone else on the team to flourish. Someone who will always be in the gym trying to improve their game and be willing to do things off the court for the team and the program. Someone who isn’t selfish and does whatever it takes to win. Rey considers himself a D1 basketball player and believes this because he has spent countless hours working and studying the game to be better competing against some very high-level D1 players and holding his own. Rey doesn't back down and always finds ways to win. Rey is a person who will put his body on the line to win by either diving on a loose ball or taking a big charge. He believes with his skill set and IQ he can make a winning impact at the D1 level. If he doesn't end up playing at the D1 level any coach from all divisions can still expect the same from me. My assessment after watching Rey play is he is a high mid-level D1 talent right now and a proven leader and winner that will impact the first season he arrives. Rey already possesses the size and strength to match up and excel effectively. By season's end, if he keeps grinding, he could push for high-level D1 without a doubt. I had no clue there were ballers in Montana but what a welcomed surprise. Coaches you gotta get him on the big board where he belongs.

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