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Low Post Dominator's Guide

Jarek Kirk @_jkirk11, Instagram-jarek.kirk11 ,, 6'6 , 185. c/o 25 from Warren Central , KY was a high energy athlete at the @VEAHoops Super 12 that went after every single rebound and made it look easy scoring inside. Relentless on the boards. Played great defense. Jarek plans to work hard at developing more as a versatile scorer . Pushing to be a match-up nightmare inside and out.Jarek's goal for the upcoming season is to help his team make a return trip to the State Tournament. Everyone doubted them thinking we couldn’t make it to state, but they did so why not prove the doubters wrong one more time with Jarek leading the charge. When people doubt him , it really fuels the fire in him. Jarek is determined to be a positive leader of his young team. Installing them never let any play affect you , always stay positive. Jared is determined to be a mid-major D1. With his size , strength, and gritty play style to match all his other skills, it will be fun to see just how high he flies. 


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