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Looking for the Specialist

Cole Hicks @cole_hicks1 , 6'1 , 165 , c/o 25 fromBoyd County High School, KY is a dynamic game changer.can torch the nets from downtown with a smooth touch. However he can be electric off the bounce and finish strong at the rim. Cole is a natural play maker with great court vision and a high IQ. He loves fueling his teammates with timely passes..  Mixes it up on the boards effectively. Cole also takes a lot of pride in being a defensive stud. Tough and gritty and doesn't mind physical  play or being physical himself.Cole enters every game with the purpose and passion to impact the game on both ends doing whatever his team needs to get that dub!

Last season Cole averaged 18.points while shooting 50% from the floor and 37% from 3., 3 assists,  and 3 rebounds per game.. In his AAU session Cole averaged 15 points while shooting 42% , 4 assists, and 4 rebounds per game.. The biggest improvements for Cole is being more physical and aggressive with passion for getting more boards and attacking  the basket off the bounce and finishing at the rim. No longer settling for just being a shooter . Cole's goals entering the season  are to win the region and play in the state Championship at Rupp Arena. With the district championship in hand , he and his team have entered the regional tournament. Along the way Cole' tied the most three pointers in a single game with 10-3s.  and has already earned the 16th  region 1st Team.. Cole finished the season averaging 15 points while shooting 51.5% from the field and 39% from 3, 4 assists, 3.5 rebounds per game.

What separates Cole is his intense work ethic and willingness to put in that work to keep getting better.and stay consistent in that pursuit. Being a dual sport athlete this is second nature. Also Cole is very unselfish and wants teams to win over personal recognition. Cole is the perfect point guard with IQ to make game winning decisions without fail..Cole is always a high achiever in the classroom with a 4.1 GPA  while taking honors. Cole has the skills , the athletic ability , and drive to be a D1 prospect . A lower level is an option if the right opportunity..But he will  continue working to be the best version of himself and keep pursuing  the highest level. Watch him this post season to see how high he can fly .


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