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Lockdown King

Grant Hall @grant_hall01 , 5'9 , 130 , from Pike Central High School,, KY is a dynamic athlete that can impact the game on both ends effectively. Grant's calling card is playing lockdown defense on which he takes tremendous pride in doing , he is a knockdown shooter from outside given an open look. Confident in his shooting ability but a high IQ to pick his moments and spots to bring that rain. Great can be pretty effective attacking off the bounce getting into the lane and finishing strong even over bigger defenders. Crafty with nice handles. Grant can drop some sweet dimes as he turns defense into offensive transition buckets for his teammates as he fuels that fast break off that defense.

Last season Grant averaged 9 points, 4 rebounds , 7 assists and 3 steals per game.helping impact the 3 peat back 2back 2 back  60th district championship.. The biggest improvement for Grant from last season was his 3point  shooting. Grant is lethal and consistent, knocking down those open looks. The goal coming into the season was to be the first team in their school history to make it to Rupp Arena  while gaining more confidence offensively along the way..Grant intends to keep pushing himself to improve his skill set more and more everyday during the offseason so he can be more of a game changer next season.. 

What sets Grant apart right now is that defense. An exceptional on ball defender with excellent anticipation and timing that allows him to excel making steals and fueling transition baskets quickly off those steals.  One of the best in the entire area already. Grant really is focused on what division level he will play but to continue to perfect and elevate the skills he has to get to the next level. . My assessment is that the ability to be a defensive stopper is huge in the pursuit of the next level dream.. His ability to impact and turn games with that defense as an underclassmen is a statement made. The potential to be special is before Grant and he is thriving already on a loaded varsity team . That will only get better. Grant's ceiling is tremendous and I'm hyped to track this young star for the next few years. Gonna be quite a journey .


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