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Kensington Colston Interview

1) we understand that you have had a great season achieving 1000 point club and breaking the record for assist since 2006. How did it feel knowing you were about to accomplish the success, and how it felt after?

Finding out that I was about to accomplish something of these calipers I was excited and very focused, knowing that the work that I had put in was starting to pay off. At the beginning of each year, I set goals for myself, these were just some of the goals I set out to accomplished. So, when I found out I was very happy but, it happened during the season and I was more focused on getting our team to the playoffs and having wins.

2) Now that your high school basketball career is over. What are your dreams and visions to complete over the coming years?

I wouldn't necessarily call it a dream, because I feel like dreams are based off of hope and I have a lot of confidence in myself . My visions are to play at a D1 school and get my degree in political science or business. And then eventually play somewhere professionally after that.

3) You mom has told me a story about someone asking you about a back up plan if you didn’t make it into college or the NBA can you elaborate?

Back at my previous school my freshman year a teacher made it a point to tell me how I needed a backup plan because I would not follow through with what it was I was trying to accomplish. I told her that I’d never been one for backup plans because that only gives you an excuse and an easy way out when it gets a little hard. I poor all my focus into the main thing that I’m trying to accomplish and out work everyone else so they have no choice but to pick me.

4) When did you start playing AAU ball and for who?

I started playing AAU ball in the 5th grade for Texas impact period in the 6th grade. I moved to the Hawks and played for Trey Manning until last year.

At that time I went to Southern Assault and played for JD Davis.

5) Being a Basketball athlete how was your academics?

My academics have excelled as I'm currently sitting as a 4.5 GPA

At Granbury high school:

sophomore year- I was taking pre ap English, math, chemistry and history

Junior year - ap english, Algebra2 and history

Senior year- AP English, Business, economics and forensics

6) Can you tell me about all your accomplishments that you have received during your high school career?

Freshman year: I received new comer of the year in my district.

Sophomore year: I transferred to a new school and was awarded. New comer of the year in my district.

Junior year: I received first team all district honors.

Senior year is currently about to be announced.


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