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International Spotlight: The Versitle Dominator

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Baxter MacDonald @baxwitdashifts , 6'8 , 176, c/o 24 from Trinity College Senior, AUS is the most versatile big you will find in this class as an international. Baxter can flat out play 1-5 effectively. A triple threat scoring option that is a matchup nightmare. He can shoot the cover off the ball and has the high fly act to punish in the post or off the bounce. Super athletic and nice speen off the bounce to go with really strong handles.. Baxter can really mix it up on the boards too. And he thrives defensively as a shot blocker. With his length he is tough to get looks .

In the AAU session Baxter averaged 15 points, 2 assists and 6 rebounds per game. . His favorite highlight was going 6-8 from three land in the semi finals.. The biggest improvement in his game since last season is his ball handling and facilitating the offense better. . Baxter's goal for the upcoming season is to run the offense successfully while averaging 17 points a game..

What coaches should know is that Baxter's versatility with his size allows him to do everything on the court at any position he is needed.. Baxter has a great work ethic and ability to adjust to any environment and playstyle is a bonus.Baxter goal is D1 Juco to start as he adjusts and learns to thrive in American basketball speed and style. Baxter is willing to consider any situation or level that will help him develop and achieve his overall goal of playing professional basketball. Coaches im here to tell you don't sleep on this stud right here, he is a steal and his passion and drive make him an instant impact and become a program changer. His underrated talent just needs to be harnessed and maximized.


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