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International Spotlight: Master of the Clutch Play

Andrei Honrada @AndereiKyleH , 5'9 , 155 ,, c/o 24 of St. John's Northwestern Academy , WI is a dynamic playmaker that utilizes speed, agility and tigh handles to maneuver around the court smoothly..With a high IQ Andrei is a master facilitator who fuels his teammates with timely paasses. With amazing court vision Andrei makes winning plays by figuring out the best offensive strategies to break down and exploit the defense.Andrei has mastered the art to running the pick-and - roll to perfection.But don't sleep on Andrei's ability .to score the ball as he can liye up the gym in flash. Andrei gets after the boards and plays nice defense.

Last season Andrei averaged 16.80 points, 4.4 assists, 4.1 rebounds, 1.9 team. steals and 0.9 blocks per game. Andrei elevated his skills in the summer AAU favorite accomplishment was playing in the U17Baylor Youth All-Star Classic championship against the McIrvin Fire U17 (EYBL) team.Andrei was also selected to the WIAA Wisconsin Classic All-conference 2nd team was a huge part of getting his high school team to the WIAA playoffs. Andrei has made huge strides in his leadership abilities since last season.taking on a more active role of guiding and motivating his teammates on and off the court..Andrei also worked hard to become more versatile by enhancing his scoring ability while facilitating the offense to get his teammates great scoring opportunities..Andrei's goal for the upcoming season is to be more of a leader. Andrei wants to help lead his team to the championship and the deepest playoff run possible while continuing to improve his skills and consistency whether scoring, passing or defending.. Andrei plans to push himself to be the best he can be for the team's success.

What sets Andrei apart is his dependability in high pressure situations as a leader the coch can trust . In crucial game moments Andrei is the one coaches and teammates want running the show. Always steady and poised. .Andrei's experience of playing with a 14 and 24 second shot clock has sharpened his ability to make decisions quickly and anticipate plays several seconds ahead.. With the game on the line Andrei wants the ball in his hands and is committed to make those clutch game winning plays. He welcomes that challenge and takes pride in doing so

Andrei has the potential of playing at the Division 1 level because his skills, work ethic, and dedication align with the competitiveness and demands of that level. Andrei always challenges himself and competes against the best to continually improve as a player... Andrei is a proven leader and winner as he has already helped his team secure the Australian Championship.In doing so he competed against some of the best players in Australia who have gone on to play in the FIBA youth, NBL and even the NBA academy.. Andrei not only performed well on that big stage but stood out among the best of the best and earned him the scholarship to play here for his current school..Don’t let his size fool you, Andrei is fearless on the court. He’s so shifty with the ball and utilizes his handle to beat his man off the dribble and get into the lane where he’s dangerous as a passer andinisher. Excels at dumping off scoop passes to one of his forwards if the help side defender steps up,

In pursuit of his dreams, IAndrei made the brave decision to leave the familiar comforts of home and moveto America at the age of 15, without any family members accompanying me. The journey hasn't been without its challenges, but Andrei firmly believe that achieving greatness often demands stepping outside one's comfort zone. and wholeheartedly embraced this challenge, recognizing that it would bring me closer to achieving my goals.While mAndrei's primary goal is to play at the Division 1, Ihe open to considering a lower division if the right opportunity presents itself. Andrei's focus is on finding a program where Ihecan make a meaningful impact and contribute to the team's success while continuing to grow as a player. Ultimately, my decision will be based on the best fit for my development and the opportunity to contribute to a team's success..

In addition to my performance on the court, Andrei currently holds a GPA of 4.30, demonstrating commitment to balancing my athletic and academic responsibilities effectively. .As a Filipino-Australian, IAndrei believes his unique basketball background and story could help create partnerships and sponsorships beyond the United States. With many basketball fans in thePhilippines and Australia, IAndrei believe this could lead to sponsorship deal opportunities, boost viewership and engagement that can contribute to the growth and expansion of the college basketball program.


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