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Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Vinh Nguyen @vinh_ny, 6'1, 170, c/o 24 Springfield Commonwealth Academy via Toronto, Canada is a dynamic little point guard who can really run a team as a master facilitator. Vinh had an extremely high IQ is has the nastiest mid-range game out there. Ruthless and letha. Can really bring the rain from deep. Vinh has a jaw-dropping ability to create for others. Defense is his calling calling card. A relentless on-ball defender with the speed and grit to cause real problems for opposing guards. Clean defender. Master at drawing charges, quick to put his body on the line.

During the AAU session, Vinh averaged 10 points and 5 assists per game. But he was a tenacious defender and fueled his with high energy and hustle. Seeing him play out there was impressive to see how he impacted the game without volume shooting. A real game-changer doing things stats don't show. Vinh never forces or takes bad shot and surveys the floor constantly looking for the best option open man. A pure point guard y'all. Vinh's biggest improvement was learning more about how to control the pace of the game. Understanding efficient ball control is huge. Vinh realized how much it changes the game when you control the entire offensive flow. Vinh's favorite memory is hitting 2 huge threes to tie a game at the half and the second one was a worked step back three.

Preseason Vinh is averaging 4.5 assists and. 7 charges already with a upcoming season goal is to develop into an even more effective and efficient point guard. Becoming the best all-around point guard he can be while leading his team well. Developing into a standout in prep so he can draw enough attention to get that first offer.

What sets Vinh apart is their defense and vocal leadership with his high IQ that gets everyone exactly where they need to be. Perfect floor general who understands how to win, stay with defense and make the right plays. His toughness and attention to detail are special. Vinh is an extension of the coach on the floor is exactly what every coach needs to know about Vinh.


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