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Internation Spotlight:The Duel Lockdown Marksman

Charlie Caffery @charlie_caffery , 6'5 , 177, c/o 24 , All Saints College, Australia, has an incredible offensive IQ and reads and reacts to the defense very quickly to create the best opportunity for himself or his teammates. Charlie is a consistent triple threat scoring option. That shot from downtown is a thing of beauty . His catch and shoot game is elite. Yet Charlie can explode off the bounce and be a fierce finisher.. Charlie can catch fire in a flash and destroy any defensive scheme when he is in attack mode. . But Charlie's great strength is his perimeter defense. Personal challenge to lock up the opposing team's best player. Tenacious and scrappy, determined to end the game for whoever he picks up. A one man wrecking crew and a complete player.During the AAU session Charlie averaged 15 points,assist, 4rebounds and 4 steals. Charlie's biggest improvement is so different yet inspiring. He improved his emotional awareness, overcoming the struggle with grief and loss Charlie was forced to adjust his life and his thinking , with intense focus and Charlie developed a passion and hunger to play professional basketball and took every opportunity to stay inspired by podcasts of elite players in every sport keeping that fire alive within him. Charlie understands how valuable our mental well being truly is. Charlie has a message for us all. Being an athlete is not just being good at a particular sport but having the ability to analyze and respond to their emotions effectively. That's what makes a professional so good at what they do while not being overcome by the emotional roolacoaster involved in sports and the life that surrounds it. Charlie has set a goal to put some serious size on his body so he is ready and prepared for any level and the competition he will face there. Charlie also intends to improve and expand his finishing ability while getting more comfortable finishing high off the backboard.It terms of shooting Charlie .feels developing in his ball handling is a must to create some space for an even more lethal pull-up game. What sets Charlie apart is his determination, passion and desire to succeed through hard work that pushes him to be better every single day. . And focused on continuing that extreme work ethic into the next level. Not just on the court with his academics. Charlie is strong willed and self-disciplining who takes his success into his own hands. It takes all these qualities to make his dream come true and a productive life. There are no free handouts and Charlie is carving his own path with grit and a positive mindset. As a team first player his unselfish nature is unwavering and an extra bonus . . Charlie is striving to make it to the US for a basketball career and education both equally important to him. Charlie has a vision of earning a scholarship at a D2 school where he feels he can thrive and excel. No matter the program Charlie will be an instant impact with his skills and leadership abilities which had carried him all these years and made him a team captain since year nine. His energy is so contagious he will fuel any team.. His favorite memory of last season was clinching a spot in the State Championship as his team battled through countless injuries.Charlie had to adjust and play the 4 spot for several games and managed to hold his own despite his size. A warrior yall and a true winner.


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