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In Hot Pursuit: Crashing the Party

Cooper Perry @Coop_Perry, 5'8, 160, c/o 28 from Chapmanville Regional High School, KY is a train wreck waiting to happen as he is a play destroyer. Cooper has the speed and IQ to read the offensive plays with a great reaction time that he uses to simply blow plays up with the relentless pursuit of the ball. Cooper plays defense with passion and purpose motivated to every play to a crushing end. On the offensive side of the ball, Cooper hit the outside with speed and power and is tough to bring down. If he ever gets a step on the defensive, it's off to the races as Cooper can really turn on the jets. With all this tenacity Cooper remains humble and coachable.

Last season Cooper had 36 tackles (19 solo and 17 assists), 1 interception for a TD, 2 forced fumbles, and 5 fumble recoveries. Cooper's biggest improvement from last season was his size, strength, and speed. Just playing the game he loves so much fuels that fire within every time Cooper hits the field. Every single phase of the game holds Cooper to a higher standard as he hates to lose and will elevate his play to do whatever it takes to get that win. The lights, the field, the competition, and his team push Cooper to feed that fire every single down. What motivated Cooper from last season the most was watching his team grow from a slow start to developing the will to win and love it as much as him. He wants his teammates to succeed in the game like his coaches and parents want him to succeed. When facing adversity Cooper knows that's a heart thing and teaches him to be stronger mentally and how to handle hard situations by staying positive while keeping your head straight. Cooper believes if he lets negativity enter his mind the other team will see it and use it to fuel them and he is determined he won't let that happen by standing on Isaiah 41:10... "I will strength you, I will keep you, I will uphold you.

Cooper is focusing on improving his speed and agility this off-season so he can be more explosive and competitive next year. Coaches should know Cooper will bring a great understanding of the game and can keep his composure while being under pressure to make smart decisions that help the team get that win. I call that mental toughness. Cooper holds himself accountable for every action and uses that to push himself to do better while encouraging his teammates. He will bring a hardworking and motivated swagger that gives 110% every time he is on the field as well as motivates his teammates always encouraging them to be their best. Cooper sees himself playing D1 and will work hard to make that his reality. Cooper would consider a lower lecture. The main goal is to be sure he simply plays in college. Clear understanding any level is a success.


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