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High IQ Defensive Dyanmo: Unleashing Tactical Dominance

Howard Daniels @HowardD_2025 , 6'1 , 170 , DB , c/o 25 from Gardendale High School , AL is a dynamic defensive stud . Howard is a very versatile and athletic defensive back that can dominate in multiple positions. He can play nickel, corner, strong safety , or free safety. He has incredible instincts and closing speed. Howard is a sure tackler that has a high IQ and anticipates where the ball will be and breaks up passes consistently. Howard brings hustle and toughness 24/7 with great open field tackling and ruthless hits, never giving up on a play while showing his great coverage skills.

This season Howard had 68 tackles ,with 5 tackles for a loss, added 10 passes defended, 1 blocked punt and 1 pass breakup against 4 star Alabama commit Kirpatrick Jr. in the first round of the playoffs. After the season Howard was awarded a 3 star defensive back ranking by Scout Smart and Pro Scout. Howards biggest improvement was his open field skills maximizing his high IQ and making him an extremely effective safety reading and reacting to developing plays. Howard's goal is to become a solid receiver his upcoming senior season.

Coaches should know Howard will bring his high motor and IQ every play and with an intense work ethic to be better and better with a high ceiling and natural instinct for game winning plays. Like every legit football player Howard sees himself playing D1 in college but is open to any level with the gratitude to simply keep playing and elevating his skills and maximizing his potential in any place he calls home. And something that would make a college standout to Howard is the environment and the people around and how he fits in with the coaching staff and players and students in the school and feels comfortable in the system for a future there .

And to any kids after him , his advice is same that a player who a big role in my career gave him that played at Gardendale with him who's now playing at Arkansas razorbacks football in

@young_dallas4 .  Their freshman year what they both went through, nobody had faith in them being good and having nothing and now we're both two of the best defensive backs to come through Gardendale , so m Howard's advice would be give anyone younger than him is that if your gonna love football never give up on it because it’ll pay you back in its own form. Never let anyone limit what you can be out there and believe in yourself no matter what and surround yourself with others that believe in you and themselves. Ignore any voices that tell you what you can't do and work hard to go where you want to be. Dream big and work like crazy to reach them. Hold nothing back.


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