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High Fly Combo: Athletic Gem

Isaiah TurnerTwitter: @IsaiahT27522719Instagram: @isaiah0033Height: 6’1 Weight: 150lbs

Teays Valley High School,,WV


Turner is an extremely athletic Guard who attacks the seams of the defense, and can really finish strongly at the rim. He definitely possesses the ups necessary to play above the rim. Zae is a strong ball handler and consistently keeps a defender on his toes by staying in attack mode. Just when you think he is going to drive to the hoop, he pulls up and drops a three. He plays solid defense, which makes him an all around threat.


Playing AAU for the WV Crossover, Zae’s goal this season is to average 15 points or better, while playing up on the 17u team. He feels at times he has been overlooked, which only drives him to show people exactly what he is capable of. He is constantly striving to become a better all around player, and to become a stronger leader for his team.


Zae is extremely competitive and absolutely hates to lose. When things get tough during a game, he makes sure to keep his composure, stay focused on the task at hand and always maintain a positive attitude. This combination allows him to remain poised under pressure.


When asked what a coach can expect from him, Zae said he is very coachable, will always listen to constructive criticism, take the feedback, and work to incorporate that feedback into his game. That is what separates him from many others. He has a natural hustle and he is always looking to improve.


Zae said he sees himself playing D1 or D2, but as long as he is playing the game he loves, he will be happy.  My personal assessment is that Zae is a fierce competitor with a ton of skill and natural ability that allows him to have a strong impact in any game he is playing in. The experience he is gaining playing up, will only further elevate his skills, and force him to get even better. Iron sharpens iron! He has a very high ceiling, and as long as he continues to push himself to always get better, and he continues to put in the work, I have no doubt he will be successful playing at any level of the game.



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