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Guardian of the Court : Versatile , High IQ , Knockdown Scorer

Anthony Wiggins @AnthonyWig61483 , Instagram-anthonywigginss2 , 5'11 , 150 , c/o 27 from Pope John Paul II Prep, TN is a strong triple threat scoring option that is creative and can score at will from anywhere on the court. Smooth touch from outside. Eclectic off the bounce for a wicked pull-up mid-range game or fierce finishes at the rim.  But Anthony is a versaille gem that can be a great facilitator. He loves fueling his teammates with easy basket opportunities. Anthony can make PNR reads in multiple settings.. With an incredible IQ and nice court vision  Anthony is always looking to make the best play. But that lockdown defense is special. Once Anthony decides to end a player's show, it's  game over as he is relentless and with his lateral speed tough to score against. Anthony takes great pride in his defense and holds himself accountable for his defensive responsibility . No one has to motivate him to be a great defender , it's his passion to shut his guy down quickly and effectively.  . When the coach needs stops, Anthony is that dude. 

Playing with the  Stars Nashville UA  Rise 15u is on a mission to win the UA Rise event for the second year in a row and gain more exposure along the way. 

The most motivating thing that happened that will push Anthony moving forward is that his team started a whole culture for his high school that broke many records. One being their first ever final four appearance in the state tournament while setting a school record for wins finishing 26-5. in Anthony's freshman year. losing to eventual champion Braircrest by 4 points.Him and his team are motivated to get back to TN Tech and win themselves a championship and cut down those nets. Anthony is ready to take the next step and play along side his teammates  Trey Pearson, Jarron Talley, and Osby Cavin being a major piece in a repeat of the ton they set last year. Anthony is determined to break into the starting line up or contribute an immediate impact and etich his name among the best in the state in the loaded 27 class. Currently ranked #24 in the class of 27 , through this AAU session and his sophomore year for his ranking and stock to surely continue to rise.Anthony's main goals are to win the state championship for the first time in its history in the toughest division in the state. Individual goals are to earn a starting position , shoot 36% from 3 and   85 % from  FT line. Scoring average isn't a real focus as Anothony who knows that's going to come  naturally but is locked in on contributing .. 

Any time Anthony steps on the court his competitive nature fuels the fire within him and takes over. Anthony loves competing against the best at all times. For him , playing in DIIAA  and boasting of having some of the best players the state has to offer.  When things go wrong on the court  and Anothony knows at some point , they always do , he knows he has to maintain a positive mindset and move on to the next play. Anothony believes he has to always keep ultra-confidence knowing good games and bad games will happen. If he goes 1/9  from the field in a game, he knows he has to find another way to impact the game other than scoring. 

Coaches should know they can expect Anthony will bring that high IQ being a playmaker skill set of lethal knockdown three level scorer with that defensive swagger  that most others don't possess with passion and an intense desire to win with the understanding his skills can make his collegiate education free, playing it the right way and thriving on that court against other good players.  Most of all his scoring ability,  and defensive swagger is a huge separator. Like every kid, the dream of playing D1 is the dream, but knowing he will play collegiate basketball is his bottom line.  . Anothony just wants to be sure it's in the right environment and culture  for himself and his development. The promise to himself and everyone else is he will certainly play college  ball. In my assessment the way Anthony competes and fuels his team even when the odds are against them, he will bring the fight and you will earn everything you get. I have no doubt Anthony himself will decide how high he flies. Buckle up , its going to be a fun ride. Stay tuned.  


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