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Guardian of All: The Complete Combo Guard

Adel Amparo @adelamparo0, 6ft, 158, c/o 28 from Hayward High School, WI is an eclectic young baller and all around shooter with a beautiful touch from downtown.Lethal when he is open. And loves the catch and shoot off outlets from rebounds from outside.. But quick off the bounce and a fierce finisher. at the rim, even through contact. And a baseline floater that's simply special once he powers through contact. Adel is a solid defender too. nice timing on shot blocking.Gets after it on the boards and can drop a sweet dime of his own. Already a complete player that's going to be a star in a short time entering the varsity level as he continues to develop.

Adel averaged 15.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4 assists and 1.3 blocks per game this past season.The biggest improvement from last season was his ball handling. Adel was more poised and under control without panicking with a little pressure. Now able to handle the ball well with eyes up and not pick up his dribble or get phased by pressure or traps.During AAU last summer Adel worked hard through ball handling drills learning to be more efficient getting around on the court.The main thing Adel is gonna work the hardest at during the off season is my jumper. Becoming a player who can finish and have good post moves is immaculate but developing a jumper with those moves is a bigger benefit when it comes to being an all around player. The goals for this upcoming AAU season is to average 20 Points per game or more Average 3 assists per game while helping  his team win 2 AAU tournament championships . Adel knows it takes teamwork to be successful. Another goal is working on my post moves and layups and using his size to advantage. For a 6”0 8th grader post moves and lay ups could be key too for me to average over 20 points per game.

The most inspiring thing during Adels season was watching other players do moves that I haven’t seen before. This made him learn the move to use it to his advantage. It inspired him to not use the same move repeatedly And try different moves. This also made a huge impact on different ways to score at the rim and around the 3pt line.  

One thing Adel brings to the court that sets him apart from others is his quickness for being a big guy. It is rare to see a big guy that is quicker than most point guards on the court due to the different size. And weight comparison makes the lighter person usually faster. But for Adel , he thrives on being the quickest guy and hardest working guy on the court.

My assessment is that Adel is a solid D2 talent with plenty of time and room to develop to an even high level. With as much talent and skill that he has right now, the 4 years are going to be an incredible show if Adel continues to develop and elevate those nice skills. Adel would consider other levels but his focus has to remain putting in hard work on the court. always getting better so there is more opportunity.


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