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Guard Whisperer : The Explosive Journey of a Pre/Post Snap Phenom

Kegan Kilgore @KilgoreKegan, 6'1, 220, c/o 26 from Grundy County High School ,TN has great  vision to see the whole field and a high IQ to see plays as they develop and great reaction to them  getting to the ball very quickly. A sure tackler that once he gets his hands on you , play is over. .  Keagan's greatest strength is his ability to read guards and pre snap and post snap reads.   Kegan had 41 solo 32 assisted tackles, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recovery, 6 QB hurries and 4 deflected passes. Before last season Kegan worked hard at  putting on a lot of muscle and gaining 15lbs heading into my sophomore year and being a film junkie watching a lot of film especially being a middle linebacker.  Kegan knew gaining muscle was a must as he could only bench 185 my freshman year and then staying in the gym for 6 days a week and end up benching 255 my sophomore summer year   And it all paid off as Kegan earned 1st team all region as a sophomore . What inspired Kegan the most is to have a winning season it hasn’t been done in 10 years so all the days of being in the weight room payed off.

This off-season Kegan's focus is to become more of a leader. He had some leadership this year but we lost 10 senior starters so knowing he has to be the guy to step up to the plate and be that dude to lead! A coach can expect Kegan to give his all to get that win on a friday night  and to be at every practice first one there last one to leave.  Kegan is a player that will put his body on the line no matter the circumstance. A hard nosed middle linebacker that will give you his very best.

iKegan see himself playing for the team that gives him a shot and believes in him whether thats d1 or naia, doesn’t matter . Advice Kegan . would give to a player is to stay in the weight room and believe in yourself and that you will have a welcome to high school moment but you have to bounce back from it and make yourself better .  


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