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Gridiron Grit: The Versitile Virtuoso

Thomas Duncan @ThomasD2028, Instagram: thomas_duncan_2028, 6’2”, 180, Adairsville Middle School, GA is versatile and can compete at a high level in multiple positions on both sides of the ball. Thomas played TE and showed he had sure hands. He caught 4 of the 5 passes thrown his way for  3 TDs for an average of 22 yards after the catch. As a kicker a master of the on-side magic with an average of 5 times in each game - 10 games in the year- and averaged 3 successful onside kicks per game. At DB he was a monster who made his presence known by blowing up plays with a nose for the ball averaging 8 tackles per game. The most motivating or inspiring thing from last season that will push y Thomas to move forward was seeing his family cheer him on. Thomas is the second oldest of five siblings. His parents ensure they all have what they need and more. His siblings have been there day in and day out pushing him to be his best. His oldest brother has taught him so much, while his little sister, the youngest and only girl, always has a hug for him after each game. His father has always believed in him and though he never played sports and did not push me into sports.

Thomas has a strong work ethic, is a team player, an active listener, disciplined, able to work through challenges, and openly accepts criticism. His dad has been a main support system and someone that has always been there to keep him level and ensure he reaches his full potential. Thomas's goals are to improve my footwork, to read the field better, to devote more time to studying film, to grow his mental toughness, to grow his leadership skills, move quicker and with purpose, improve diet habits, and strengthen his core muscles.

Thomas overcomes adversity with a positive mindset. Challenges are only opportunities to become better. His coaches are there to make him better and ensure I reach him full potential Thompso doesnt make excuses, he own up to mistakes and use those to energize himself and lean into his upcoming high school coaches and his trainers. He has been blessed to have amazing High School coaches, two are kgg[a Head Coach, Coach Jonathan Cudd and our Offensive Coordinator, Coach Eric Long. Coach Cudd inspires me daily to be better than he was the day before and Coach Long is always always there to ensure he giving 100% and teach him how to self correct along the way. football trainer, Coach Ron Veal, believed in him before he believed in myself. He is an amazing man that I am truly humbled to know. He has taught me that mistakes are chances to grow and the outcome is only what I make His football trainer, Coach Ron Veal, believed in he before I believed in myself. .

Coaches can expect a positive rapport and enthusiasm. Thomas's appearance, behavior, body language and conduct will show respect during each practice and game. Also you will get enthusiasm. Football and Basketball are two games he love. He love to play the game , is a student of the game, loves to learn and grow and push himself beyond boundaries that even he didn’t think was possible. Thomas has played multiple positions in each sport and learned so much from each opportunity and want s to be the best at each of them and has learned that only comes with listening and being humble. Thomas will bring g rit and will play football for Adairsville High this upcoming season and each practice Thomas sees natural abilities will only take him so far so he must lean on his trust in God, and his coaches while showing his grit and sheer determination to give his all no matter what is happening around him, that will propel him to the next level.

Thomas's goal is to play D1 college football and basketball. He trains daily for each knowing discipline and as he grows in each and will see what God has planned for him. Thomas would consider playing another level as honor to live hiis dream being at a school with a program he admires, players he respects, and a school that has his major are important factors.


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