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Gotta little Dog in Him!

Champ Hayden @Champhayden23, 6'2, 180, c/o 24 of North Hills Christian School is one of the scrappiest studs in this class from anywhere in this country. Champ can light up the scoreboard but loved to dish that rock. A strong triple-threat scoring option. Champ gets Bradt .ode on those boards. And that relentless defense is what truly makes him special. Fierce and tenacious on both ends his high energy is nonstop. That fire to win is intense. Champs not only welcomes physical play but thrives in it. Lady season Champ averaged 22pts, 11reb, and 2stl. This final run is going to be even stronger. Champ's goal for the upcoming season is to make his teammates better while piling up the wins. This stud is hungry for high wins and wants to feed that dog in him. The state championship run is in view. My assignment is Champ is a D1 talent with a super high ceiling with his insane work ethic skillset. Champ can defend multiple positions. He will be a steal and instant impact. Champ would consider a lower-division but only the right fit and that program will continue to help him develop into an even better player. Don't miss this final run. It will be one to remember.


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