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Goal Gladiator: The Prolific Scoring Machine

Harry Silvis @silvisharry07 , 6'2 ,160, C/O '26, of Parkersburg South High School, is a

dynamic young athlete that is extremely aggressive and a triple threat scoring

machine. Harry is lethal from down town and explosive off the bounce. A good ball

handler that create space for great shots or simply punish defenders by elevating

to shoot over them. Can give him any space or its buckets. Harry is extremely

composed under pressure and rises for big moments in any game. A nice

offensive IQ understands how to break down the defense or create opprtunities for

his teammates as a solid passer. Harry is scrappy on the defensive end and turns

turnovers into point in a hurry. Harry always plays with a winning edge and will

compete till the final buzzer. His energy is contagious fueling his team as he never

takes a play off . The first tme i saw him play this gem was shooting lights out and

no one could check him. Lay back he nailed long bobms and jumpers. Play him

tight and harry has the ability and speed to blow right by you and finish strong at

the basket. That shooting ability is his greatest strength and he biggest

improvement over the summer. His highlight of the summer was winning the

championship at Bridgeport. Harry already is getting on many radars from his play

this summer and picked up a D1 offer from Radford. This is only the begining as

his stock will continue to rise as his game is contastly improving. Harry never

settles at just being good but continues to work hard to elevate his skills every day

in pursuit of greatness. Harry's goals for the season is simple, lead his team to a

state championship. Im here to announce to everyone in WV this kid is special

and will pick up many awards this coming season and if he get to that state

tournment , its gonna take a massive effort and outstanding team to stop him from

getting that trophy. Harry certainlt is D1 talent and his stock will contiue to rise and

he is still growing. This young star will be a absolute beast by the time his high

school joiurney ends and everyone will know his name. Coach should know Harry

is a fierce competitor with strong drive to win and leaves it all on the court trying to

get that done. Harry will be ready step up in the big moment and be clutch. Cant

sleep on Harry one minute. Catch this train now or your gonna miss an electrifying


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