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Fueling the Fire Within

John Gaines @john_ggg11,  instagram-Johng_11, 6ft, 150, c/o 27 from  Sayre School,KY  is a proficient playmaker with a high IQ  and sick handles that allows to shake free of the defense to create shots for himself or his teammates. John is a  strong triple threat scoring option with smooth touch from outside but is explosive off the bounce and can get to the rim at will.  And with those slick handles and a dose of his fierce athletic ability John loves to dazzle us with acrobatic passes. Another strength is that scrappy defense. , intense  with active hands helping him get steals and fuel the fast break turning that defense into transition buckets quickly. 

John  plays for Vision Elite '27 and his  goals for AAU are to make a deep run in the New Balance Finals in July, and win at least 2 or more of the tournaments we play in this year. John  also wants to bond with all of my teammates to create stronger chemistry while we are out on the court while  focusing on  improving his  shot, pull up game, and overall strength. John feels like if he elevates these are three things that he  can help his team win more games and lead them to victory at bigger tournaments.. What fuels his fire the most is probably just letting his  grit. impact every game.  John hates losing, it is a terrible feeling nobody wants to feel whether you lose on a buzzer beater or get blown out by 30.  John feels like every player should be focused on winning and doing everything in their power to win. And if you lose it should fuel your fire even more. Dive for those 50/50 balls, use your strength and speed, and have a winning mentality, not a losing one. John believes  in keeping your chin up, and  has really learned this during this year's school season , you cannot change what happened in the past, it already happened , so focus on how you are going to impact the rest of the game. When players on the opposing team see you hang your head or they can tell you are off, they are going to try and get in your head even more, and try to use it as an advantage. So show no negativity in your game, smile and be grateful that you are out there. Every player on earth has bad games no matter what sport you play. Don't let that affect you. 

The most motivating thing for John  is that last year during the AAU season, he was not really an option for my team and  teammates noticed his confidence level was not very high, so he wouldn't get the ball as much or perform like he needed to. Now with some confidence built,  John believes that he can be a main guy for his team making plays and scoring at will are the things he will focus on to strive during this AAU season. And its already paying off as  in this event John averaged 19 points, 3 steals and 1 assist per game as he led his team to a 4-0 undefeated record in a loaded venue @VEAHoops Cam Jackson Showcase in Ohio. Johns goals going into next season will be to really be able to shoot the 3.  He can already shoot it pretty well, but wants to become an ELITE shooter which he will work most on this summer. John also just wants to keep making plays for his team and not just myself. Basketball is a team game meaning all 5 players on the floor for your team need to be active and ready. John wants  to limit mistakes and make the right pass.

A coach can expect  John  to put the work in to become a great player and help out whatever team he is playing for. His high  motor never stops, and he  flies up and down the court with ease creating plays for his team. John keeps  his  teammates chins up when they make a mistake because  he believes getting back on defense and getting a stop is more important than hanging your head and jogging back.John is a hungry leader in pursuit of greatness on that court with a passion not just to elevate his game but be an inspiration through that energy and hustle he brings to his team. My ultimate goal is D1, but feels his  game needs improvement and so does everyones. John sees  himself as  D2 or D3, at the moment ,  but  can promise you he is  going to work his  tail off to get to that D1 level by the end of his  high school and AAU career.  John also believes if he gets in the weight room more and grows a couple inches, which he can hopefully do , he will be a serious threat.


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