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Fueling the Beast Within:Ole Reliable

Noah Lospinoso @Noahlospinso, 6'5 , 225, c/o 25 TE/OLB from Freedom High S ole reliable route runner, blocker , but can even be a deep threat. Noah uses his IQ to make good decisions impacting plays in real time. Good hands . As a blocker he blows defenders out of play and makes big running lanes for the backs.  Noah  will go and put his hit in the dirt and block someone and next play get a first down. A big TE that just works to do whatever his team needs to keep moving forward. Noah is a pure tight end built like players like Isiah Likely or Brock Bowers that can be used anywhere on the field and his speed matches his weight. On the defensive side of the ball Noah uses his instincts to blow up plays with his speed , strength and IQ. Noah  looks at his size, his hips, his eyes, is he scared or not. Depending on his size such as running a route he knows whether he  can out muscle him or out speed him which he  can do to any LB or safety. Noah describes  his  work ethic as somewhat of a starving animal, willing to do it and get that chance no matter what.  

This past season Noah had 8 receptions for 160 yards on 10 targets and 2 TDs. Defensively Noah had 19 total tackles , 9 solo and 3 sacks adding 8 pass breakups. This was due to where Noah had a fractured hand so obviously that makes it a bit difficult to play offense so he switched to defense. He played 6 games offensively and 4 defensive to get those stats. This effort earned him top offensive player returning back to 2025 and top 3 TE in Orlando. Noah improved in many ways since his sophomore season including his routes, his speed, his cuts, his blocking, and his aggression has all become way better since the fall. What fuels Noah is people who have doubted him and what he can become. Noah is using that as motivation to get better this offseason . Another thing that fuels Noah is the drive to make a name for myself and my school.

Noah handles adversity great ,never puts his head down and tries to lead his teammates no matter the score board. Noah will be improving his routes and blocking the most and speed this offseason. Noah is pushing himself to be a D1 player but would consider any other level. A chance to play college football no matter what is a blessing. They can expect a tight end hard to guard and hard to get through ,putting 200% on the field every time. He is willing to teach younger players everything he knows and encourage them to keep working and getting better as he wants his tight ends , including himself ,to be the best tight end group in the state. Noah's advice to them is to really focus on their receiving scheme. When considering a school Noah takes a hard look at how much they use their tight ends.  


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