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Fist of Fury

Matt DeLucia

23 years old


152 lb. Weight Class

Holbrook, NY


Matt DeLucia is the epitome of the word “tough.” Watch him box and you will see exactly what I mean. He is a 2x Golden Gloves Finalist, with one of his losses coming on a very controversial decision that many didn’t agree with.  He started boxing at 13 years old under the tutelage and guidance of boxing trainer Leaf Steuernagel, a military veteran, out of the Vamos Boxing Club in Patchogue, NY.


Matt has begun his journey into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, training alongside his brother Justin, who is an up and coming BJJ phenom at the Vanguard Academy in Lake Grove, NY. Matt’s dream is to someday fight in the UFC.  He has the boxing, but fully understands that boxing is only one part of Mixed Martial Arts.  He plans on focusing on learning the full gamut of kicking, knees, elbows, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to truly become a well rounded, non one dimensional fighter.


This kid has the heart of a lion, and punches with a nasty ferociousness. He trains six days a week, many times training twice a day.  He eats clean and he is fully focused on his intense training regiment.  He fights violent, but smart.  Every punch this kid throws has BAD intentions behind it. 


The thing that motivates Matt the most is the love and respect he has for his parents.  He fully appreciates them always fully supporting him every step of his journey, and always believing in him.  He has a strong faith in God, and he said he wants to represent his faith to the absolute best of his ability.  This kid has heart and tenacity and he is relentless.  I can absolutely see him eventually fighting in the UFC, once he learns the MMA game.  The sky is truly the limit for this warrior!      


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