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Firebrand Fury: Unleashing the Explosive Edge

Maini  Dinkins  @showtimemaniii , 5’9 ,135 , c/o 2027 from Orange County High School,VA is an electric young stud who loves to turn on the jets and fuel the transition game with his speed and strong handles. Nice court vision to deliver some sweet dimes. Maini is  more of a combo guard that can definitely get a bucket with that blowby speed but plays unselfish even when he is in attack mode looking to get his teammates involved in the game. Maiini knows when to slow the game down and run sets, and what sets to run. Maini knows how to push the pace and attack the rim. More of a shooter with deep range and needs to be defended full court. being shifty allows him to get past my defender. On defense, Maini is scrappy and can guard anyone 94 feet. and always wants to guard the opposing team's best player. I can get into this opponents head and get them off their game , where staying level headed and thrive off of doubt and trash talk.

Last season Maini averagedaverage 6.5 points, 7 assist, 3 steals as a freshman playing varsity.  Maini 's favorite accomplishment is scoring 21 points on the puma NXTPRO circuit showing that he can compete against a high level competition. Doing that helps showcase all of the hard work that he puts in daily in the gym. So far this AAU session, Maini is averaging 12.7 points, 4 assists , 1 steal  far. Maini 's  biggest improvement has definitely been scoring the ball and playing more of the 2 guard role . During school he played point guard and tried getting my teammates involved playing more of a point guard role , not scoring the ball. Maini's goal for my 10th grade year is to lead his varsity team to a regional championship as this will be my second year with them. Show them that although he is young that he can lead a team and put on show for his city. Also hoping to hit 750 career points as he didn’t have much of a scoring role this yearr he is excited to be the number option and step up for his teammates.

Maini's passion, drive and work ethic separates him from other players. He works before and after school on his craft, even days that he has practice he is lifting in the morning and skill conditioning and shooting in the afternoon before practice. Maini takes the game very seriously so when they are out of town or state for tournaments he understands it is for business and he is locked in. He will do whatever he can to win and is always focused and locked in. Maini separates himself from people who don’t have similar goals because basketball is his life and he is determined to make it in this game.

Maini sees himself playing D1 or D2 basketball because although he is not the tallest player he can do anything a taller player can do. Get rebounds, play defense and box out. His grit allows him to compete with anyone no matter size or strength he will never back down. On the court he fears no man but himself because he knows what he is capable of and listens to what my coaches say, understanding he must be coachable and that right there is value in today’s day and age.  


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