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Fierce Fusion: The Dominance of an all Around Combo Guard

Josiah " JoJo" Greene @jojogreene08 , '3 ,200, c/o 26 from Hurricane High School , WV is a catch and shoot sniper . but can attack the lane with a nasty first step.. A strong and crafty finisher even through contact .With his size and strength Josiah can play any position. Scrappy defender.. Can drop a nice dime too.

In the AAU session Josia averaged 15.5 points per game. Josiah's overall game has improved since last year. Josiah's favorite AAU accomplishment was beating the number one team in Kentucky and getting recognized by Under Armour. The goal for the upcoming season is to win the championship at the Charleston Civic Center. .

What separates Josiah from the rest is his attitude , win or lose support and leadership remains perfect as the support remains for the team and coaches while giving 100% walking off knowing he gave all he had to give. The focus is doing whatever the team needs to get the win. With his skill and grit Josiah could be a low D and any D2 skill set to compete and thrive there.. His worth ethic and determination to continue to improve will get it done. With a very high ceiling the potenial for Josiah is limitless and worth tracking. Lock him in and enjoy the show.


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