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Explosive Precision: The Unstopable Combo Guard

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Trevor Short @trevorshort24 , 6'3 , 205, c/o 24 from Brandeis High School, TX is an electric combo guard that is somewhat of a punisher with a physical attacking game that is hard to stop. Trevor is very athletic and can handle the ball extremely well and can fuel the transition game very well. Trevor gets to rim for fierce finishes even through contact, which he seems to welcome. Trevor also has a smooth touch from downtown. He is a scorer who can get his own shot or facilitate for others. Trevor brings a ton of energy and plays at a high non stop level. Trevor also takes a lot of pride in his defense. It’s a personal challenge to him to lock up the best player on the other team. Trevor played a solid role last year as his team made it to the playoffs where he scored 79 points while adding 39 rebounds, 11 assists and 12 steals. Trevor’s favorite accomplishment was going to Dallas and winning the Circuit Tournament that included several show teams and big named players. Trevor’s biggest improvement has to be his athleticism. He can now create more ways to score the ball this year while focusing being a more complete player on both ends of the court. Trevor’s goal is to help his team make a deep playoff run and securing a spot on the all-area and all-district team. His biggest drive is to win the district MVP. Trevor is a firm believer that success is where opportunity and preparedness meet. Letting his game do the talking Trevor wants to bring the success from the summer into the season for more continued success. Coaches need to know what seperates Trevor from the pack is his athleticism and his quick first step then allows him to get by any defender. With a high IQ he is trained and disiplined to do whatever is needed at any given time. Trevor is poised and calm even in the highest pressure situations. He thrives on his adrenaline and energy that fuels his team as well. Trevor’s focus is not on any division level but his trust in Gods plan. Trevor knows he has the ability to play next level and excel there but just wants to enjoy the journey and make great memories. Trevor is excited about the future while living in the moment. This kid is ready. You don’t want to miss a minute!


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