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Electric-Elegance: The All-Around Artistry of Miles Alexander

Miles Alexander @BoobieMiles2028 , 5'7 128 , C/O 28 from Cannon Co. Middle School, TN is an electrifying little stick of dynamite . He was absolutely dazzling the first time I saw him in this combine. Miles has the sickest handles I have seen since Jayson Williams. Tight and crafty as I saw him drop a defender with his handles alone. Miles is a triple threat scoring option with unlimited range as he can literally step across the half court line and drain that shot like i normally walk in the park. This stud can score from anywhere. With incredible blow -by speed to go with those handles Miles can get to the rim at will .But Miles is a true point guard and natural leader. Truly understanding how to run an offense and control the entire game with poise and a high IQ. . Miles has incredible court vision and finds cutting teammates with thread the needle passes and can easily pass them open if they just break. .Miles knows the exact moment to change the momentum and welcomes the big moment to make that clutch shot or get that key defensive stop.

Miles is the starting point guard for the Nationally ranked travel club team, Carlos English, of Brentwood, TN. Miles is also recognized as the top player in his class Nationally by many publications. Miles is that guy!! On that loaded Nationally ranked team Miles still averaged 14 points, 5 assists and 3 steals.. Miles made the biggest improvement in his strength and conditioning, court awareness and being more of a vocal leader Miles favorite memory was beating the National Ranked Club Prime 1 in Sudden Death in front of a home crowd in Murfreesboro, TN. . Miles has set his goals for this season to become more committed to conditioning and building strength. While winning of course.

What sets Miles apart is his ball handling and decision making. . What coaches need to know is Myles is extremely disciplined, and a goal setter with the commitment to reach those goals . Miles is meticulous in how he fuels his body ,academics and mindset..

Without a doubt Miles is going to be a high level D1 and a game changer even on the next level. He will be able to choose between many schools before he lands a home. Miles has a confident swagger but not cocky or arrogant which is extremely refreshing. Kid shows tremendous character and respect on and off the court. And Miles clearly understands to succeed in life he has to excel in the classroom and has so many awards that validate that claim as well. Miles is #1 in his class in overall GPA with Honors classes.and Former State Vice President for Beta Club. This young star gets it and produces and excels in everything he does. Even as a dual sport athlete (football). I am personally excited to have seen this kid at this stage . Yall better not only remember his name but get on this train as it is only gonna pick up steam . Not just a phenom but a prodigy i tell ya. SPECIAL once in a generation type player. .

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Amazing article! Thanks Coach! - Jess Alexander

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