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Dynamite Guardan: Unleashing the Triple Threat Mystery

acari Goode @JCG3 ,5'7 ,c/o 28 from Horace Mann Middle School is a walking triple double.This young star shifty with a silky smooth skill set. Jacari can put on a shooting clinic in a flas. But Jacari is versatile and grabbes boards like the windex man. and dropping dimes like . This stud checks every box and the total package on both ends. Jacari has a high IQ and is extremely athletic.

Last season Jacari averaged 20 points , 10 rebounds,10 assists and 3 steals per game. In the AAU session Jacari averaged 20 points, 8 rebounds , 8 assists and 3 steals. That consistency and high level production.. Favorite AAU memory was going 4-0 in Session 1 of the Under Armour tournament, Jarari 's biggest improvement since last season was learning how to change the pace of the game.. This upcoming season goals are to win the middle school championship and go straight into varsity as a freshman.

What sets Jacari apart is his work taught to him by his dad that continues to motivate and push him to pursue greatness every day.. Jacari grinds to be a D1 posect and it shows how big of an impact he has on every game. Jacari has all the intangibles .. .Jacari has pure dog in him and plays hungry every time out, Would consider a lower levels but will keep pushing for D1. Gotta catch this young star,


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