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Dynamic Playmaker

Mickey Mitchell @Mikeytoshifty05, 5'9 , 150. c/o 26 fromTucker County

High School is magical facilatator always looking to make the perfect

play. With strong handles Mikey shifty and creative both for his

teammates and himself.Mickey can really bring the rain from deep. But

explosive off the bounce with blow-by speed. And a strong

finisher.Mikey has great court vision and the IQ to make some amazing

plays. A solid scrappy defender.

The biggest improvements over the summer for Mikey were his

defensive swagger and footspeed to be an abso;ut pest on the

defensive side of the ball and ability be explosive attacking off the

bounce. Utilizing his speed this would be a huge boost and it paid off.

Last seasin Mickey averaged 10 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds a

game. This upcoming season Mickey is to help his team to get to that

championship and win it. With the ton of work , dedication and intense

enery. Going to be a monster season.

Coaches should know Mikey has a rock solidwork ethic This gem is

interse and passionate to be an impact. Dreaming big for D1 and he

refuses eo give up on that dream. Mikey wont pass on the best

opprount. anywhere.

My assesment is Mikey can score with ease inside and out. Awesome

floor general that understands well how to run a team and ready to knock down big shots in the flow of the game when his number is called or when he knows he can exploit a weakness in the dfense. while playong strong dfense in his own rite. Very high ceiling and with his work ethic , his stock will continue to rise.


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