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Dynamic Dominator : Unleashing Electric Offense and Crushing Defense

Jesiah McDaniel @ jesiah_mcdaniel , 6'1 , 185 , c/o 25 from North Judson High School , IN is yet another dynamic versatile athlete. Jesiah excels playing both sides of the ball and that makes him more effective at each individually. With speed and power  Jesiah can be a relentless overpowering force hard to contain. On the offensive side Jesiah plays QB but is a dual threat who thrives running the ball the best. As fast as strong as a running back out there , Jesiah takes off hitting the holes and lanes like a pure back and will run over a defender like one too.  Jesiah is shifty and physical  and loves contact,  tough to bring down and with the speed to hit that sideline and gobble up yards with ease to the tune of 1109 rushing yards for 17 TDs. 

Defensively Jesiah is a headhunter who makes bone crushing tackles.  He loves flying around like heat seeking missile  making big hits.But he also thrives in pass coverage. . To begin the season Jesiah played free safety for the second year. . That experience was very evident as he made ruthless run stops  with 83 tackles  and picked passes to perfection to the tune of 8INTs. . Jesiah's biggest improvement from last year was his strength and speed during the off season. . 

What coaches should know is Jesiah  is going to roll 110%every single play  and  will do whatever it takes to get that DUB.  Coachable and always looking forward to putting in the work to improve his skills in every aspect of the game. The awards validate that and speak for themselves as he earned All- Conference, , All -Area and All- State as a Junior.. 

Jesuah really does focus on any specific division level but is looking to continue to give the sport he loves his all .  For a school to stand out to Jesiah is a team that is very disciplined and believes in each other with a positive mindset on and off the field.  But focused and determined to do whatever it takes to come away victorious. That's a winning culture Jesiah is hungry for. Some advice to those coming behind him is always trust your coaches and play wherever you can to make the biggest impact..This kid is special . Going into his senior year Jesiah has led his team to 3 regional championships, a 2x  All-Conference selection and a national honor society member.. 


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