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Dynamic Blitz: Unstoppable Force of Speed, Power, and Elusiveness

Amar'e Johnson @Amarej21 , 5'11 , 175 , c/o 26 from Wheeling Park High School , WV is an explosive back who runs with power and purpose with nice speed he hit the holes and is shfty and elusive in the open field. Tough to bring down. With an incredible IQ he reads the the defnse well and gets into the lanes or creates his own for big yards. Amar'e is a versitle back that can run inside or outside the zones. As a reliable 3 down back he can excel in any offensive system. Not only is he a consistant runner but a solid recieving back as well. He can line up in the backfield or jump into the slot and you can never tell the differnce in his performance and productivity. And the best part is he is a rock solid blocker when called upon to do so. The total package.

This year as a sophomore had 952 rushing yards averaging 7.1 yards per carry with 15TDs. Amar'r added 28 catches for 240 yards for a total of 1285 All-Purpose yards. Amar'e started the season as a slot reciever the first few games and got some early carres. But in week 4 againist Ohio powerhouse and final 4 team Steubenville Big red i, s when he became the all time back after a breakout performance where Amar'e had 15 carries for 176 yards and 3 TDs. A star was born in that defing game at the running back position. The biggest improvements for Amar'e was his strength, speed and being mentally prepared to perform at a high level when it is game time.

Coaches can know Amar'e is gonna brint it 110% every single game and intense work ethic with a non-stop motor. Amar'e will lay it all on the line for his team and the win Amar'e is certainly a D1 talent. Thats been his goal since he was 8 years old and he truly has put in the work and excelled tobe be just that. Mission acomplished. Understanding the challenge of being a D1 out of WV Amar'e keeps pushing himself hard to stand out so much someone has the confidence and trust to give him that open door he needs. Amar'e hasnt thought about a lower division but would consider a really good opporunity were it to arise . BUT Amar'e wll not stop grinding for that D1. Here is the best part coaches should know , a school doesnt have to win all the time to appeal to Amar'e. He loves the teamfirst atmosphere the most. He also loves aplaces with nice facilities that have great workout facilities where he can keep working hard to improve and become the best version of himself he can become. And most importantly he loves players coaches, tough love coaches as thats what he has been raised with from his Father. Thats coachable right there! Wont cave under pressure and will thrive with being held accountable. His Father was a starting RB at OK ST and his older brother Savior was a 2 time All-State RB in WV also and went on a full ride to NC A&T. So Amar'e comes from a proven pedigree of experience.

Amar'es says to those coming behind him,put in the work and espect the grind. Understand that there will always be those kids working hard to take your spot, so you gotta stay ready and work harder than anyone else to prevent that ever being an option to be considered.


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