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Dylan Quals

Dylan Quals @Dylanq_615 of Hickman County High School class of 26 is gonna be special. This gem got on my radar down in Atlanta over the AAU session which turns out is his first real time of playing much basketball at all. At 6'5 he is as scrappy as they come. He is the total package though he is quite raw as he is just starting out. This stud is a natural. At his size he is the perfect wing that can handle the rock like a guard and makes some of the sweetest passes you would ever wanna see. A double -double machine whipping the boards  lean like Windex. As a facilitator he makes great decisions and can singlehandedly fuel the fast break. If you run the floor Dylan will find you with the perfect pass and the perfect moment. In the AAU session Dylan established himself as a player to watch averaging 15pts, 5ast, and 11reb. This is his first run y'all against real competition that truly is legit. Followed that up in summer school ball session  12pt, 7ast,and 10 reb. This is when I knew this star is different. And the defense is outstanding though they didn't track the numbers, I haven't seen one game he had less than 3 blks and at least 3 stls. No way we should miss one minute of the rising phenom. If this is one run there is no limit to just how good he will be as we look for the upcoming season. Lock Dylan in on your radar right now as this train is just taking off. Don't miss one minute of this show.


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