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Duel Threat Dynamo: Blazing Speed and Explosive Athletism

Elijah Newman Hall


195 lbs.

Tampa, FL

Blake High School

Class of 2028


Looking at Elijah Newman Hall, you will hear parents in the stands say “There is no way

this kid is 14. He is at least 18.” LOL! No folks, he is 14. He looks like his body was

chiseled out of stone. He has elite speed and athleticism that allows him to play RB,

WR, LB and S. All he cares about is playing where it will give his team the best chance

of winning. How many selfless 14 year olds do you know of who are not all “me, me,


What fuels Elijah are the people who doubt him. That only motivates him to work even

harder and prove all his naysayers wrong. He is the most humble and respectful kid

you could ever hope to encounter, both on and off the field. Watching him play, the first

thing you will notice is his speed. He moves like a gazelle hunting its prey. Next, you

will see a strong pair of hands. He also possesses a very solid vertical that allows him

to go up in the air and use his strength and athleticism to win the battle.

Elijah will be entering 9th grade this coming Fall. I firmly believe he will either begin his

High School Football Career playing on Varsity, or if he does begin on JV, he will

absolutely not be there for very long. He has the strength and the body to be able to

handle the physicality of playing on Varsity as a 9th grader. Elijah was one of only two

players to start on his Middle School Flag Football Team when he was only in 6th grade.

The majority of the starters that year were all two full years older than him. That team

lost in the County Semi Finals to the team that won it all, by only a touchdown, and that

left a very bitter taste in his mouth, that he never forgot. Last season there wasn’t much

teamwork and camaraderie and his team didn’t qualify for the playoffs with all of their

losses being by a touchdown or less.

Fast forward to this past season of Middle School Flag Football, and Elijah was one of

the Team Captains and helped lead his team to the school’s very first County

Championship in ANY sport. They faced adversity, trash talk, nasty comments etc for

parents and players, but the tuned tuned all the noise out and went out as Champions.

Elijah played Youth Tackle Football this past season and was pretty much a hunted

man. Teams focused all they had on stopping him and he still performed masterfully.

Keep a very close eye on this young man. In two years time, he is going to be on the

radar of every FBS D1 College Coach in America.


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