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Double Trouble: The Total Package Warrior with the All-Around Swag

Waylon Colstra @WaylonColistra, Instagram-@waylon_colistra, 6'6, 180, c/o 26 from  Morgantown High School, WV is an interior dominator who flexes his lethal post-scoring ability with great footwork. being a hat stud in the middle punisher with his size and sheer strength simply overpowers most defenders. But Waylon has the versatility to stretch the floor with his long-range shooting ability. Waylon can play any position t from 3-5 and thrives doing the dirty work like rebounding as the Windex man wiping the boards clean. and blocking shots but can also lead transitions for easy scores.

Playing in the AAU session for the WV Gold 16u NXT has been averaging a solid double-double building motivation from the championship run setting the goals to compete against great competition, make it to the 16u NXT National in Nebraska, and get ready for the upcoming school year. Contributing to the Morgantown High School state championship season and seeing all the hard work, consistency, and attention to detail that it takes to have a successful team and to compete at the highest level. Not only did this help Waylon elevate his game in the AAU session, but made him hungry to fuel his team to win the state championship again, back to back. Individually, leading the state in rebounding and making the tournament team.

 Competition fuels the fire within Waylon as he always strives to play up to the competition with a passion to rise to the occasion and win. When things get tough Waylon focuses on his fundamentals and takes the game play by play. What sets Waylon apart is his ability to contribute offensively and defensively, inside and out as a bonified match-up nightmare that can score and distribute from the high and low post. Waylon brings an intense work ethic that fuels me to keep wanting to get better. Waylon, I see himself playing D1, h However, he would play for anyone, anywhere, and at any level as long as it's the right fit. My assessment is Waylon is yet another rising Morgantown D1 stud ready to elevate his game and be a huge part of the continued culture and tradition of winning championships and developing next-level talent along the way Waylon plays hungry and has a purpose, never backing down from any challenge before him. The taste of winning drives him and it translates into his play just like his relentless work ethic. The future is very bright for Waylon and his Morgantown squad. Stay tuned as you remember the name, gnna hear about him a lot moving forward. @MadeHooops


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