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Dominating Brilliance: Explosive Speed Unleashed

Josh Belanger @joshbelangerr27 , 6ft , 175 , c/o 27 from Wimberley High School, TX is a dynamics two way stud who plays both sides of the ball like a mam among boys. He huts the holes with speed and power that is dazzling. Makes great reads and cuts at full speed. Josh is hard to bring down and has incredible breakaway speed. Offensively this year this star rushed for 1121 yards for 22 rushing TDs

Added 27 receiving yards and 2TDs for a total of 1148 all purpose yards. Numbers don't lie.

Josh's biggest improvement was his explosiveness. He training tirelessly on that during the off-season and did it ever pay off. Adding 15 pounds of body weight just boostered the power to match that explosive breakaway speed. Running a 4.7 40 while knocking a 10th off wvery season since 6th grade.

Defensively Josh was equally as impressive . With tspeed and power Josh delivers bone rattling hits . Like a man among boys he punishes offensive players. Once contact is made , play over. He has great anticpation and the closing speed to ball is incredible. He had 7 sacks, 17 solo tackles, 17 assists , 1 pick 6 and 1 INT. That yall is a one man wrecking crew. Josh's biggest improvement was his explosiveness. He trained relentlessly specificly for that. And boy did it pay off . Josh also added 15 pounds to wieght to adding more power to that explosive speed. . What sets Josh apart is sheer physicality,. Football is contact sport and if you are in front of him , He aint running around you and with grit a determination Josh is getting through you.. And on the defensive side Josh is running a 4.7 40 and you wont get far before he delivers a man size blow. Scariest thing is Josh has been knocking a 10th off that speed every year since 6th grade.

Coaches should know Josh is going to give 110% every time he takes the field and wont ever take a play off. A team player understanding football is a team sport made up of great individual performances . Josh knows i without those O Line guys , the backfield doesn;t stand a chance. Josh believes if he continues to develop at the same trajaectory a D1 opprotunity is fair option. Dont see that being a problem but a soon coming reality. Josh is a humble kid and would certainly consider reasonable offers at a lower level.

For players coming behind him , Josh says keeep working out during the off-season ., footwork is huge. Learn to run routes right, drills, and attenition to detail, , etc. Most importantly get good grades. Being from TX , TX schools appeal most to Josh. However , Christian schools like Liberty appeal to him as well. Josh is truly a special talent with a good head on his shoulders with a very bright future . We will hear his name more and more for years to come i, n my opinion. Yall gotta get to TX and catch this phenom. Meet me there next season. He will not disappoint.

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I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the kind words.

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