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Defensive Dynamo: Unleashing Triple Threat Fury

Updated: Jan 12

Amar'e Johnson, @Amarej21 , 5'10 175, c/o 26 from Wheeling Park High School,is a fast and electric guard who is extremely athletic and crafty. Triple threat scoring option who can really bring the rain from deep with a smooth touch or punish the defense with a nasty first step and creative finishes . Amar'e is always in attack mode . With a high basketball IQ and nice court vision Amar'e can deliver some jaw dropping passes. Amar'e is an elite on the ball defender that always takes up the challenge of guarding the opposing team's best player. Thriving with his speed, strength and athleticism, Amar'e is tenacious and relentless, causing all sorts of problems defensively, it's his calling card. Amar'e has defended some of the states best and still more to come this very season.

In the AAU session playing for the WV Gold Puma Circuit averaging 13 points, 5 assists, and 3 rebounds per game. This WV Gold 15U squad went undefeated on the 1st three road trips to Springfield , MS, OKC and won the Pittsburgh Jamfest. Amar'e improved his strength and confidence the most since last season. His improved free-throw shooting and with a relentless work ethic work on his speed and quickness is also clearly evident it paid off. Amar'e wants to be the best version of himself while helping his team reach the State Championship in Charleston.Amar'e already is one of the only kids in the state to last year to score 20 and 19 at Morgantown and and then went to Parkersburg South and dropped 17 as a freshman. No easy task. So far this season Amar'e is averaging around 14.5 points and 5 assists per game while only shooting 6-7 times per game. And just had a defensive gem against Parkersburg High School in a comeback win.

Coaches should know , what separates Amar'e from others is that relentless work ethic and his tenacity, this young stud has a lot of "dog" in him. That defense is fierce and makes him special added to his triple threat scoring efficiency shooting. With dreams and aspirations of D1 he pushes himself to excel greatly . No matter what level D1 , that is the goal. Amar'e would consider a lower level and would still go just as hard. As a dual sport athlete the competitive edge put Amar'e on a whole different level than most. If yall didnt know him for basketball before now, its high time to give this young star a serious look and lock him in as hands down his stock continues to rise as one of the best in WV.


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