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Deadly Determination: The Tenacious Sniper

Jack Munford @JackMunford05'10, 161 , c/o 24 Ascending ,Life Prep, AZ is an eclectic stick of dynamite with a ton of energy and hustles with a tough gritty skillset.. Jack is a pure point guard that effectively runs a team with a high IQ processing the defense and with precision , picks it apart . An outstanding catch and shoot athlete in his own right is a sniper and a threat every time he touches the ball with a scoring opportunity. Jack has a beautiful touch from outside but with the ability to break down the defense off the bounce to create an opportunity for himself or his teammates . The perfect floor general always looking to always make the right play without forcing bad shots or making bad decisions. Jack plays poised and under control managing the flow of the game with perfection. Never speeded up and understands how to manage tempo and when to change it to change it., thats high IQ yall. Jack also has the ability to excel off the ball when it's not in his hands with great motion and finding his spots for that catch and shoot opportunity.. In addition Jack is a solid scrappy defender with that speed gets him steals and forces turnovers as he gets in passing lanes quickly and reads plays before they happen for deflections that leads to turnovers and those steals. In the AAU session Jack matched up with multiple 4 and 5 star prospects and more than held his own and excelled proving that he and his team were worthy of attention. Last season Jack averaged 14.3 points( while shooting a blistering 44% from long range), 7 assists, and 2 steals per game. Can't foul him either as he shoots 92% from the line The biggest improvements Jack made were to his body gaining 15 pounds and becoming more physical while increasing his vertical and lateral quickness.. Jack's goals for the upcoming season are to help lead his team to a championship while helping them to develop into a better team and as young men. What separates Jack from the pack is his extreme work ethic. Not just hard work, when I say work ethic but Jack eats , breathes and sleeps this game, seizing every opportunity he can to improve his skills and basketball IQ and excelling in the classroom to boot. .Every day consists of 3-5 hour workouts consistently, no days off. Every waking minute is dedicated to craft whether it is workouts, watching film or live training, no wasted minutes.Coaches should know you will find another kid who plays as tenacious or harder than Jack, real talk. His high motor and gritt along with these qualities translate on the court very well and put him in a different class. He tries to get to every loose ball including, tacking charges, diving off the floor and mixing it up with anyone and all the dirty work any coach would love with fire and passion to get it done every time..Put that with his polished skill set and all his intangibles, clear to see Jack is a complete player. Jack really isn't focused or locked in on any division level with clear understanding all college players are talented and it's the opportunity to be one of them that is what matters , so he will just keep his head down and put in the work to be among them.. Any team that's a good fit willing to bet on this young warrior gets a great player and an amazing well rounded kid who will excel on and off the court.. This young star though undersized , is a steal.


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