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Crafty Floor General with a Lethal First Step: Sniper from Beyond the Ark

Aiden O'Leary @a1denoleary , 5'10 , c/o 26 from Roane County High School  has developed into some kinda scorer yall. But thrives on being a pure point guard and runs the offense like the perfect floor general. Aiden has become a lethal knockdown shooter from outside but can be explosive off the bounce with a nasty first step. .Aiden is a scrappy defender and can drop some sweet dimes too. 

Last season as a freshman averaged 4 points, 1.56 steals, 1.5 rebounds and 2 assists. But blew up in the fall league averaging 24 points per game. . Aiden's favorite  highlight from AAU was playing against a loaded NC team with  a top 10 player on it  but as a team they  hit 18 threes and beat that team by40 for a great team win. Aiden's biggest improvement from last season has been his three point shooting which has opened up all sorts of opportunities and given Aiden the ability to use his speed to get to the rim. Aiden's goals for this season are to continue to improve that outside shot  and become a strong leader on the court and help his team win the state title.  And so far they are off to a 9-3 start  and 2-0 in the district.  He may not be having jaw dropping averages but he has had plenty of big plays in every game whether they be offensively or defensively. 

What separates Aiden from the pak is he is coachable and wants to be the perfect floor general doing whatever is needed to get that win.  Because of Aiden's relentless work ethic  and leadership skills  as a guard he should develop into a solid D2 player. When a coach needs a floor general he can rely on , Aiden is that guy and with a high ceiling  and strong work ethic Aiden is only going to get better and better. Going to be interesting to watch this young gem develop over the next few years. 


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