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Constructed Chaos: The Relentless Will to Win

Ryder Bell @ryderbell131, Instagram -@ryderbell31, 6’3” I, 160, c/o 2027 from Wayne County High School, KY has a high motor, his greatest strength, that never stops. With a sharp IQ, he looks to be active every second of the game making an impact, offensively and defensively. always looking to be moving or doing something on the court that what makes him as good of a player as he is. Ryder sets his mind he will work harder than anyone on the floor. Another strength is his creativity around the rim and how and a master of finding holes in the defense to score or make plays. Ryder also mixes it up on the boards effectively.

This past season Ryder averaged 6.1 points and 4.4 rebounds on varsity as a freshman. Something from last season that is now pushing Ryder forward and motivates him is losing in the first round of the region when they know they shouldn’t have. It was just a tough game for him to handle knowing they should’ve won and everything they did to get there, just never wanna have to be in that situation again so he determined to be better than anyone else on the court Eyder playing for Kentucky future during AAU his goal is to get his name out there and show coaches that he will play hard no matter what kind of team he plays. Some things that he wants and needs to improve about his game is his ball handling and is also always open to improving his knowledge of the game. My goals going into next season will be to become more of a leader and help my team win a region title. I feel like I will have to be one of the keys for my team to win so I want to work hard to try and make sure my team can depend on me when it is needed. Ryders' goals going into next season will be to become more of a leader and help his team win a region title. Ryder feels like he will have to be one of the keys for his team to win so he wants to work hard to try and make sure his team can depend on him when it is needed.

When Ryader is on the court, what fuels him the most is winning as he loves winning and absolutely hates losing. So he will do anything he can to win. And when he messes up it bothers him because he wants to win so badly. When things don’t go his way on the court he tries to turn his anger and frustration into hustle and make himself play hard. Ryder feels like if he can control that anger and frustration it gives him an edge on playing harder than the other team in front of him. Something else he tries to do is just take a deep breath and try to play smart and make plays instead of playing in his head.

Something a coach can expect from Ryder that sets him apart from others is how hard he plays. He makes it a goal to never get outworked while in a game or practice. He also has a very good motor and can make himself play hard for long periods even when he is to the point of being very tired. Because of this relentless effort and intense work ethic, Ryder sees himself in any division of college ball because he knows that there are great players who play on all levels and could be just as good as others who play at a “better” school. Simply the passion with purpose to live that dream and excel with this same level of intensity and hunger on any division level is accomplishing his goal and an opportunity to take it even further.


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