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Combo Elite: The Assassin

Brody Little @Brodylittle2027 , 6'1 , 170, c/o 27 from Pikeville High  School, KY is a physical and crafty combo guard who loves to be creative while using his athleticism and strength to  get any shot he wants at will. Brody is a versatile triple threat scoring option with a silky smooth touch, effective off the bounce or the catch and shoot. Brody is an exceptional defense with nice court awareness  and anticipation skills that gets him easy steals. Brody can deliver some jaw dropping passes which is his greatest strength. He uses his great court vision tand IQ to read the defense and find open teammates to the best scoring opportunities. Brody uses his strong ball handling skills to create those scoring opportunities for himself or his teammates. .Brody also mixes it up well on the boards.

Brody's goal for the AAU session is to continue to develop as a player both offensively and defensively determined to be the total package athlete every coach and teammates love who can fill any role  needed in the moment. In last year's AAU session Brody averaged 16 points, 3 steals, 6 assists and 4 rebounds.  But the main focus will be to improve his speed  and defensive skills knowing great defense creates more offensive opportunities. The most motivating thing from last season was experiencing a life threatening . emergency appendectomy  at the beginning of Jan with some complications that had us all worried. Then he had to have a second surgery and blood transfusion just to recover. This event caused Brody to miss basketball for 6 weeks but that down time fueled a fire within Brody to get back to the game he loves so much. With a new appreciation for life and basketball once the doctor cleared him, he got back in the gym everyday pushing himself  and hungry to be the best he can be in this AAU session.. 

 Coaches should know Brody will bring energy and an intense work ethic and dedication to his team giving 100% in every single drill, practice, scrimmage and game. This young stud knows every single time you hit that court , you gotta bring it no matter what.  With the desire to reach his ultimate goal of playing D1 ball you can't ever slack or settle cause only hard work and competitive drive to be among the best ain't given but earned. To be D1 you gotta work like a D1 and then deliver on the court like a D1. That's why he wants to play on the highest level, competing against the best. Brody would consider a lower division  understanding just playing the next level is an honor. 

Going into next season Brody's goal is to have his game at the highest level it's ever been understanding that after losing 7 seniors to graduation he wants to be able to fill the void left for his team. What fuels Brody's fire most is when the team is able to move the ball effectively getting the entire team great shots and he certainly intends to be a part of his drive in achieving that goal. Brody never quits and loves the thrill of a comeback. He has been a part of games where his team has been down 16-20 points and battled all the way back to get the win using heart and grit and unyielding will to win. This is  the experience and leadership Brody wants to use next season. When facing any adversity out there Brody always takes a deep breath and focuses on what he has to do to change the outcome of the game and  what he needs to do to get his teammates more shots. 

Already in this AAU session Brody is doing his thing .Last weekend in 4 games Brody went for 49 points, 15 rebounds20 assists, 13 steals,. Brody's scoring increased in every single game . This folks is exactly what Brody set out to do  and has set the tone for the rest of this AAU session and upcoming season. My assessment is Brody has a ton of talent and the grind to get better and better . Love the star level potential I see in this fierce young athlete that understands exactly what it takes to succeed . Yall keep a close eye on this kid as he will be another name KY will remember when it's all said and done. Stay tuned!


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