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Bringing the Rain and Taking Cookies

Landon Dezarn @dezarn06 instagram- xxdezarn30xx , 6’3, 160 ,c/o2025 from Jackson County High School, KY is  natural shooter that can light it up at a high percentage and uses some nice handles to get to the rim. Landon is a rock solid defender. But his greatest strength is definitely his offensive swagger.

 In the 2023 season Landon averaged 14 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists. leading the team in 3s made with 60 and shot 38% from 3 , 45.1% from the field. also shot 70% from the free throw line. while also leading his team in steals. In the   2024 season only playing 14 games due to a move to Jackson County , Landon averaged 12 points,3 rebounds ,and 3 assists.per game while  knocking down 37 3s and shooting 40% from the field. Logan  also moved from cCay County for Jackson County mid-season.Landon will be playing for  KBE with aau goals to to get better every game and get ready for my senior season with his focus area to definitely get stronger. The most motivating thing that happened last season is that iLandon didn’t get to play many games so not many people saw what he could do , so he has been putting in the work this summer to prove everyone wrong. When Landon is on the floor the thing that fires him up the most is when his teammates start doing good and we get on a big run, and most definitely when the fans get behind them , He feels like these fuels the fire the most. Landon's  goals going in for next season is to be a great leader to the younger kids on the team and to do everything he can to make himself better while making it a memorable season for the younger kids and the fans.

When Landon is on the court and facing adveriversity, he always remembers the reason he is here and that's the good lord above. His parents have always taught him to always look up when something ain’t going his way. That always makes Landon overcome whatever is going on, on and off the court.  A coach can definitely expect Landon to be a leader at all times on and off the floor and know he will be the best player he can be for the team. After last year at Clay county it made Landon realize that he needs to be a better team player and do what it takes to win. Landon sees himself as a naia or some D3.


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