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Blue Streak Defender: The Triple Threat Sniper

Xavier Bland @BlandXavier4 6'2 , 170, c/o 25 from Blacksburg High School, VA is a current version of Larry Bird yall. Not overly athletic but very gifted and efficient . Xavier is a steady head that you can rely on every time he shoots. Almost automatic. Xavier never forces or takes bad shots . A beautiful three point shot that is a work of art. Crafty and electric off the bounce as he gets it to the rim with ease. Xavier is a fierce cutter finding seams in the defense. He is a high energy and non -stop hustle guy. Xavier seems to always make the right plays being so fundamentally sound ihe is a tough cover. He beats you with a high IQ and fundamentals. One of the most defensively solid kids out there as well. A knack for getting into the passing lanes and making steals regularly. Not easy to score over him either like an oak not easily moved. . Not to mention his rebounding and passing are also rock solid.

In the AAU session Xavier shot over 50% from three land while setting himself apart with his hustle , grit and toughness to go with that great shooting. . Xavier truly came into his own and attended elite camps and showcases and held his own. The biggest improvement since last season was adding size and strength making it easier to get to that cup. And he does it well. Xaviers goal for the upcoming season is to help lead Blacksburg to the state tournament and earn a few all state honors along the way. No doubt in my mind this will happen . Been watching closely and the steady improvement is clear and this team is gonna catch some people off guard of how good they really are as Xavier and Wade lead the way. Xavier's favorite memory of the summer is that he was a starter on a loaded HGSL team and was still efficient and consistent ..He was the ultimate lue guy but lived for the big moment to rise and knock down that big clutch shot.

What coaches should know when you need a shooter that you can count on Xavier is that guy. His shooting is efficient over volume. Double figure scoring is normal but the quality of the shots to get that is priceless. . One of the best decision makers and facilitators anywhere. Always poised .With that quick release his height is never a disadvantage. Xavier has great court vision and will deliver the right plays and you can know that defense will not waiver or fail . . Xavier takes more pride on that side of the ball overall. Never a drop of quit in him. He will bring that energy every second he is out there.No one outworks him on or off the court.

As all good players he is working hard to be a D1 talent but understands its the right fit that matters despite division level. He has set a very high bar for himself and plans to keep his head down and grind everyday to reach that bar.. Xavier is extremely coachable and a natural leader more by example than most. No doubt his young star has a very high ceiling and he will be very successful on and off the court. . My assessment of himxaggeration when you watch him and see the stat sheet after any game , his impact is clear and he performs so well how productive he is undeniable. .


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