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Blue Diamond: The Ultimate Combo

Javin Gibson


IG: ja_gibson24

6’3, 175,

c/o 2025

Northside High School, VA


Gibson is a versatile athlete who is long, lanky and extremely active. This kid has some of the slickest handles in the business. His greatest strength is his versatility to play both Guard and Forward. His length is a weapon from either position. His three point shooting is very solid, even with little space to shoot. He is rough and aggressive in the paint with rebounds, and he consistently plays with a relentless motor. He is also a force to be reckoned with under the boards, making putbacks look effortless. Adding further to his arsenal are his post moves.  This kid has a very full bag of tricks and can hurt you in many  different ways.  I’ve yet to see him take a bad shot.  He is calm, cool, smart, patient and he waits for the right shot to open up, without ever forcing anything. Last, but certainly not least, he possesses slick passing ability which allows him to distribute the rock efficiently.


This kid plays with a fiery passion and he is absolutely an impact player, every minute he is on the hardwood.  Defensively, he will not back down from guarding the opposing team’s best player. This coming season, he will be playing AAU for both Team Hardy and Twin Hoops. His goals for AAU are to improve in every aspect of the game, so he can bring an even better, more polished version of himself to his high school team. He felt he didn’t get enough playing time last season, and that put a chip on his shoulder.  He is out to show  that his game has seriously improved from last season, due to all the hard work he has put in.  He is going to do whatever it takes to try to help his team win their 3rd straight state championship.  He knows that defense wins championships, so knows he has to step up on defense.


What really fires him up is when is sees high energy and effort from his teammates.  That energy is contagious. He is a “team first” unselfish player who loves when the team is rolling like a well-oiled machine.  That makes it nearly impossible to beat them, considering you can’t key on any single player. When things get tough during a game, he keeps a cool head and he tries to keep his teammates cool as well. He tells them to have “amnesia” when it comes to bad plays. What stands out the most to me is Javin's competitiveness.  He absolutely hates to lose. He flat out refuses to be outworked by anyone, and will never back down from a challenge.  He feels he can compete with anyone, and no one will ever outwork or outhustle him.


Javin sees himself playing at the D2 or D3 level in college. I believe that is a realistic and fair assessment at this point, but the potential is absolutely there for a D2 top team. If he can grow a few more inches, that could open up even more doors for him.  For him to truly reach his full potential, he needs to exude enough confidence to be a leader, who takes over the game in clutch moments. His God given, natural ability and his aggressiveness are what I enjoy the most about him. It's fun watching this kid play, simply because of his energy and hustle alone. The kid can flat out GO.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing how this upcoming season unfolds for him.

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Jun 24

You go Javin Uncle DJ love you with all his heart and soul you go do your best and D1 here you come

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