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Blue Collar Dynamo: Fear the IQ and Gritty Swag

Brady Franz @brady_franz1, Instagram- Brady. Franz, 6'6, 205, c/o 25 from Moeller High School, OH is that tough gritty do everything-big wing that brings hustle, and energy and is the ultimate blue-collar stud. Brady can really bring the rain from downtown effectively. A great passer with good court vision and a high basketball IQ. Brady mixes it up very well on the boards. What I find most important is that he plays solid defense and does the dirty work instinctively, going after loose balls, getting on the floor for extra possessions, and fueling the fast beast off defensive rebounds or steals with long-court passes to breaking teammates.  His strength is his dynamic shooting ability as Brady can score at will. 

Playing on a loaded team Brady managed to average 5 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists per game in limited minutes on a senior-heavy team.  The most impactful thing that happened to Brady last season was losing a playoff game in double OT and he is using that tough loss to motivate him moving forward into next season. Playing for Team Greatness Brady has truly already elevated his game nearly averaging a double-double throughout this AAU session. His shooting efficiency has skyrocketed and he seems to be everywhere that ball is making huge game-changing plays on yet another loaded team. But this time around he has certainly increased his scoring role though he remains one of the most unselfish, team-driven guys on the floor at all times. He has been smokin' hot from three-point land. His area of focused improvement has been his defense and overall development and hopes to pick up a few offers along the way. Brady's goal for the upcoming season is to win a state championship.

What fuels Brady the most on the court is seeing all the hard work he puts in off the court translate in real-time and impact games. Brady takes pride in getting 300 to 400 shots a day. Seeing those shots falling constantly motivates Brady to work even harder.  And when shots aren't falling, it pushes Brady to get right back in the lab to minimize that happening again. It's been paying off so far. When facing adversity Brady simply stays calm and falls back on all the hard work he has put in. 

Coaches can always expect Brady to be a hard-working player who does all the little things but is ready to step up when the big shot is needed within the flow of the offense. His toughness, grit, and attention to detail are like having another floor general with size to facilitate and run the show. Brady sees himself playing low-level to mid-major D1 in college but is certainly open to any option that fits his skill set. I agree with Brady's assessment and if his defense continues to improve and he continues to shoot that rock at a high percentage, before his season is done he will have multiple offers. He will be a steal for some programs. You won't want to miss this final run cause it's gonna be huge.


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