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Blue Collar Dynamo

Noah Nelson @NoahNelson73 , 6'2, 175 , c/o 25 from Georgiana High School, AL is the ultimate playmaker and glue guy that thrives on being a blue collar stud and game changer. Noah thrives on making big plays at the right time. With a high IQ and game savvy to impact the game offensively and defensively  to grit and toughness, heart and hustle doing whatever he can to get that win. As a shooter he can be deadly  . From downtown he shoots a blistering 45% and from the field equally impressive with 62% clip.  But Noah is an extremely unself leader that's always trying to make those around him better. With awesome court vision  he sizzles at dropping sweet dimes when it matters most. Noah is athletic and crafty off the bounce and most of all a scrappy defender that is gonna get after it 110% every time. No plays off. Got some hops too and impacted the game gobbling up rebounds. What makes Noah so special is his detail and attention doing the little things .  Diving for loose balls , being involved in every play near time, tying up offensive players, stopping easy baskets and shooting the passing lanes for steals..

Noah's biggest improvement from last year was learning to impact the game without just volume scoring.. This year that was clearly evident where he was diving on the floor, taking charges or simply being a pure leader on the floor. The goal coming into the season was to make history by winning his schools first ever state championship and they did just that. On this loaded team Noah just kept finding ways to impact the game and then was consistently clutch when it mattered most with timely shots and lockdown defense. Getting those couple of rebounds that stifled the opponent's momentum. Getting jump balls in tight games and of course always being fierce and scrappy fueling his team to push to that championship. Without dropping huge numbers, without Noah's blue collar gems  and leadership with poise , Georgiana doesn't win this championship. As an underclassman on this loaded team, that's massive props. Finished the season averaging 11.2 points, 4.1 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.2 steals en route to that championship.

What separates Noah from the rest is his leadership and high IQ , along with his unselfiness, and burning passion for the game while always finding a way to win.. Naoh has developed so much playing with a great team that looks for him and strives to make him a better player and his natural ability to lead them fuels that more. Noah's mindset is to be the best team player position and coaches dream always making that game winning play when it matters most..Noah is a solid D2 level talent right now with a very high ceiling and room to grow without a limit to how good he can become. His goal for the upcoming season is to repeat as champions and spend the summer AAU session elevating his skills in preparation for that run.  At this point Noah isn't locked in on a division level but knows the work and finished and can see himself right now as a D2 or D3. We will just have to watch and see how high he flies. Lock this young star on your radars, Noah is just getting started..


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